5 Tips to "Reset Your Gut" in 2019  - Dr Gundry (2023)

by Dr. Steven Gundry | Jan 14, 2019 | Blog | 14 comments

5 Tips to "Reset Your Gut" in 2019 - Dr Gundry (1)

Dr. Steven Gundry joined KTLA’s Lynette Romero to share tips to help you reset your gut and boost your health in 2019. The PlantParadox30 Day Challenge starts Jan. 15th –– Feb. 14th 2019. If you’ve been thinking about giving the Plant Paradox Program a try, now’s the time to challenge yourself.

5 Tips to “Reset Your Gut” in 2019

  1. Cut out sugar, dairy, grain
    1. Lectins or lectin lookalikes are bad for your gut and can cause health issues.
  2. Drink Coffee with MCT oil
    1. Polyphenols in coffee are good for your gut, health and brain. MCT oil tones down the taste while adding healthy fats and great benefits.
  3. Add good fats to your diet with these quick snacks
    1. Fat is good for your brain and your gut.
      1. Egg yolks
      2. Olive oil
      3. Guacamole with celery or plantain chips
      4. Nut mix
  4. Eat Dark Leafy Greens
    1. Our gut bugs and microbiome love these. We take care of them, they take care of us.
  5. Gundry’s 30 day challenge
    1. To be a part of the challenge follow on Facebook/Instagram @PlantParadox30 and use the hashtag #PlantParadox30 when you share your posts during the 30 days!
    2. Website: https://drgundry.com/plantparadox30/
    3. Latest Book: Plant Paradox Quick and Easy: The 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight Feel Great, and Live Lectin-Free (out as of Jan. 8)
  1. Leslie on January 15, 2019 at 6:16 am

    When is the best time to take Total Restore? Should I take all 3 capsules at once or each time I eat take 1. Or take all 3 at a main meal? Or it doesn’t matter when you take them?Lesl


    • Susan Richardson on September 28, 2020 at 5:40 pm

      When is the best time to take Total Restore? 3 times a day or all at once morning or night?

      (Video) How To Reset HORRIBLE Days | 5 Tips To Restart A Bad Day


  2. Pam on March 12, 2019 at 6:33 am

  3. mattock on April 5, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    I blog fгequently and I really appreciate your content. Your article has really peɑked my іnterest.
    I am going to bookmarк your blog and keep checking
    fоr new information about once a week. I subscribed to your
    Feed too.


  4. Linda on April 29, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    If we have been taking an antiobotice ( Dr Orders) how to get gut buddies back in shape? Can I take probiotics with the remain8ng antibiotics or should I wait till after I finish protocol round? Just need your RX.
    Thanks in advance,


    (Video) BEFORE You RESET Your Island ⚠️ 5 TIPS! 🌻 | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    • Carol on August 7, 2020 at 11:57 am

      From everything I have read on treating and healing your gut flora after broadspectrum antibiotics, it takes 6 months. I have been on Plant Paradox diet for two years ànd a few weeks ago I had to go on an broadspectrum antibiotic, I did not know that there were narrowspectrum àntibiotics that do not kill all the good bacteria. You can also go with a natural antibiotic…oil of oregano. Excellent for flu,, colds, fungal and viral and bacterial infections. I should have taken the oil, but my doctor scared me. Now I’ve got my work cut out for me.


  5. sue mialocq on August 22, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    I have had stomach issues for years and decided to try Total Restore. I have been taking it for approximately one week and feel horrible. I printed the No and Yes food list and have been following that…Question, Should I take the total restore over the day or all at once. Food is not my friend right now and I am not sure what to do.


  6. Eva Ross on October 21, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    (Video) 5 *TINY* ways to reset your finances (and save money fast!!) | HOW TO SAVE MONEY FASTER

    We jut received our order today. It says take 3 a day but doesn’t say to take all at once or though out the day. Please advise. Thank you so much. We are so excited to get started.


  7. Anna on November 21, 2019 at 1:49 am

    I saw the new video for today and ask why can’t buy and send the product to Spain or Sweden just Denmark and the the video disappeared.


  8. PennyK Henness on March 29, 2020 at 11:22 pm

    So interested in changing my gut. Take medicine that heavy- cervical,thoracic, and lumbar disc replacements, due to 3 Sec.fall at work. Feet up over head like a fall on ice. Landed on back right pelvis,elbow, and tucked head. Couldn’t sit on hip full weight almost year. MRI could have been cracked. Saw w/c Dr. Quck! Tried to give me a treatment, said no as trying to get me on table. Hurt me twist, said you haven’t even taken MRI
    When back to office at work, told them, Dr. tried to hurt me, no MRI- had to go hospital 3 days later MRI, gave me Celebrex 2 -2X’s day. On Friday, Monday had diarrhea and chest was killing me. Called Dr.w/c office, told me probably had flu, called my pharmacy said reaction to medicine- I ‘m tylenol based. I took Imodium and quite the medicine. I felt like having heart attach. Company wouldn’t excuse absents. Had told them to send me to Columbia, MO. Orthopedic Group or I fill state complaint. Appointment following Tuesday, MRI after seen Lumbar Surgery. Neck was really hurting at examination, bad headaches. Back to cervical Dr. have 3/4,4/5 small bulge. Made me take epidurals Oct. Nov. Dec. had Headaches, had go back relief pursuer. Each time. Was ill Valentines to April 24th- bronchitis, acute- bronchitis, lung specialist. Portable inhaler 2 months, then inhaler. My breathing specialist, said check my chest, ask if could have separated tissue in upper thoracic? She check, hurt so bad I started crying. I’m a tough lady. Fall Sept. 24, 1994. Same Dr. did 2 cervical ( inverted ruptured) wore than thought! Plates cervical, and discectomy lumbar. Difficult JERkK damaged, nerves in thoracic surgery. 2nd options at Mayo Clinic In Rochester. Live NE MO. Drove 90 miles to work in Kirksville ( hometown) after met love of life now 29 years after 5 year break from falling out of love with Ex. Went to good professional counseling and good Minister , forgave Ex. , treats me like a good brother. Better than married. Lost son 4 months- early. Had 2 beautiful daughter’s. He had cheated whole time pregnant with 2nd daughter, didn’t was another child. I separated from him. He promised to be true- once’s a cheater always a cheater, I found out where and who she was after youngest was ready for 2nd grade. He beat me home, told him to stay there, she could see our house from her kitchen window. I talked to her, came home- he beat me really badly. I front my to be 2nd grader. Told to get really for bed, she was crying ( but my girls were good to mind.) afraid he ‘d hit her if said anything. Called same lawyer again on Sat. good family man. Told me change locks on doors. I did and drained all money in saving and took all but $30 and took his name off checking account, kept girl , left him a bag , one change work, and golf outfit. She can get him clothes. I always had that man looking sharp. Divorced 2 1/2 years later. Girls wouldn’t stay all night with him until had to do court. Youngest cried when had to stay. He played golf. They come home when gone at first. Even came to home when dated man I love now. From hell to heaven move 2 years to make sure – still together. Live on a beautiful farm, fresh air. Cows in back lot. Rented land out getting ready to retire from farming. We travel 12-14 days across this beautiful U.S. every summer. Been in every state but 3. Lucky- except for – due to injuries- just found out Disabled! Dr. review in St.Louis, MO. Lost Med.brother -best friend so good to me , he was only 41. My Dad 5 year later, then 2 years after, my Aunt ( Mom last sibling of 9) was like second Mother. Had Parkinson’s- long sad death. Saw Mom after work every day. Checked on Aunt 3 varied days a week . Drove on home 90 miles. Fixed super- love to cook, still do. Mom had 17 artery replacement surgeries, amputated left leg above knee 2004 after Christmas ! After last surgery I couldn’t bring her to our families home. Dad and Mom loved all 3 unconditionally and no favoritism. I moved back to live with my Mom for her last year and half. Mentally abused in Nursing home/ rehab 3 weeks. She come out of it 3 months. Always very sharp minded. She was back. Had mild heart failure. Home. The bigger one- stayed, drove home to shower fast as could. Back 3days- 4 night talked to all grandchildren and husbands, John my man and ask if minded if called 3rd son they always called my Ex. yes. I left so she had privacy. Spent some time after she passed. Deep loving to all families. Love all our friends. Deep faith, and parents played with us as kids and all grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Need prebiotic and probiotic- pill information. Spiritual love to you and family, all that helped!


  9. Jana on May 20, 2020 at 6:47 am

    (Video) 5 Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

    PennyK Henness, first of all you need to stop spamming websites when you can’t write in english, I couldn’t understand hardly anything you wrote.

    But all the symptoms that you had and in that timeframe is pretty clear that it was corona virus. Diarrhea, tight chest/ chest pain, headaches, bronchitis are all symptoms of corona virus. And since your pain was so bad it was not just a flu. Back then doctors thought you needed to have a cough, but that has been proven to be completely false, so probably why they didn’t think you had corona.


  10. S.Richardson on September 28, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    When is the best time to take Total Restore? 3 times a day or all at once morning or night?


  11. John on October 22, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    Just looking for preventative maintenance for long term health



What 3 foods did Dr Gundry stop? ›

Foods to avoid
  • Proteins: soy products, grain- or soy-fed livestock, farmed fish, and all beans and legumes.
  • Grains and starches: pasta, potatoes, cookies, crackers, pastries, whole grains, wheat, rice, oats, quinoa, barley, corn, and popcorn.
  • Nuts and seeds: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, peanuts, and cashews.
4 Aug 2020

What does Dr Gundry recommend for gut health? ›

Gundry advocates for gut health, and recommends that you do everything you can to boost your microbiome. For that reason prebiotic fiber, which supports healthy gut flora, is the number one superfood that you should consume every day.

What foods are wrecking your gut? ›

As part of healthy eating, it's a good idea to avoid or limit foods packed with added sugar, which feeds bad bacteria, Blatner says, as well as highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners, red meat, and alcohol, which can have a negative effect on gut bacteria, and lead to inflammation.

What foods should I avoid to heal my gut? ›

Avoiding processed junk foods, alcohol, sugary beverages, refined oils, and artificial sweeteners may aid the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Cutting out foods containing gluten or common stimulants of digestive symptoms may also help.

What is the one food Dr. Gundry says to eat? ›

Gundry recommends a diet that relies on pasture-raised meats and eggs; fermented foods like sauerkraut; limited fruit; foods high in resistant starches, such as green beans; vegetables that are not in the nightshade family; and healthy fats such as olive oil.

What is the one thing Dr. Gundry says to avoid? ›

He also recommends avoiding certain fruits and vegetables like peas, squash, tomatoes, melon, zucchini, peppers, and goji berries. And you should only use the approved oils listed above, avoiding grapeseed, corn, peanut, cottonseed, sunflower, and canola oils.

What are the 3 Superfoods for your gut? ›

The Best Superfoods For Gut Health
  • Leafy Greens. Leafy greens are a powerful prebiotic and are high in vitamins C, K, B complex, folic acid, beta carotene, iron, iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and chlorophyll. ...
  • Asparagus. ...
  • Oats. ...
  • Leeks. ...
  • Greek Yoghurt. ...
  • Apples. ...
  • Ginger.

What is the best breakfast for gut health? ›

10 breakfast ideas for a healthy gut
  1. Kefir, banana, almond and frozen berry smoothie. ...
  2. Spring greens shakshuka. ...
  3. Vegan overnight oats. ...
  4. Figs on toast with goat's yogurt labneh. ...
  5. Miso chickpeas and avocado on toast. ...
  6. Healthy banana pancakes. ...
  7. Blueberry smoothie bowl. ...
  8. Coconut overnight oats.
23 Feb 2022

Does coffee destroy your gut? ›

Coffee (Caffeine) promotes an imbalance of gut bacteria, called dysbiosis, by destroying your good bacteria (probiotics). The war within your gut determines your health, as declining levels of “good” bacteria allow overgrowth of harmful bacteria (C.

Are eggs good for gut health? ›

As part of a balanced diet, eggs contribute to a healthy digestive tract and can be helpful during acute digestive problems. In addition to being packed with nutrients, eggs are usually easy to digest compared to some other high-protein foods, such as meat and legumes.

What is the best fruit for gut health? ›

Incorporating these fruits into your diet is a tasty and healthy way to keep your gut flora happy and thriving!
  1. Pears. As you may know, fibre plays a huge role in supporting gut health. ...
  2. Bananas. ...
  3. Apples. ...
  4. Blueberries. ...
  5. Kiwis. ...
  6. Peaches. ...
  7. Grapefruit. ...
  8. Pomegranate.
22 Jul 2022

Is apple cider vinegar good for gut health? ›

Raw apple cider vinegar also contains: Natural probiotics (friendly bacteria), which may help with your immune system and gut health. Antioxidants, substances that can prevent damage to your body's cells.

What does Dr. Gundry say about eating bananas? ›

Gundry explains, "A ripe banana's starch instantly converts to sugar in your bloodstream, making it the ultimate heart-unhealthy fruit." Calapai agrees: "Bananas are high in carbohydrates and raise the triglyceride."

Does Dr. Gundry say not to eat eggs? ›

He recommends sticking to wild-caught seafood, pastured poultry, omega-3 eggs and grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, however it's best to limit your intake.

Why does Dr. Gundry say not to eat oatmeal? ›

Gundry has oat products firmly placed on his NO list. This is because oat-based products, as well as other grains, contain lectins.

Does Dr. Gundry eat potatoes? ›

Gundry clearly lets us know that he's still not a fan of white potatoes, but on page 236, he says, that “if you must have potatoes, please pressure cook them to nix the lectins - and take it one step further, by cooking the potatoes completely and reheating them, which develops gut-nourishing resistant starch.” I'm ...

What bread does Gundry eat? ›

In Gundry's eyes, the only bread that we should consume contains absolutely no grains whatsoever. He names a product called 'Barely Bread' as the best choice in his book, because it just contains blend of almond, seed and coconut flowers with zero grains.

What does Dr. Gundry say about eggs? ›

Dr. Gundry recommends searching for “Certified Humane Pasture-raised Omega-3” eggs. The label ensures the hens were fed the best food and had the most room to roam. A hen's natural diet is pretty low in lectins — Certified Humane Pasture-raised Omega-3 egg yolks and whites means you'll likely ingest fewer lectins.

What foods does Dr. Gundry say causes leaky gut? ›

Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Gundry. He is not a fan of foods that contain lectins, which is a full array of foods, from pasta and grains to tomatoes, eggplant, other nightshades, and legumes.

What did Gundry stop eating to lose weight? ›

Foods to avoid completely

All refined starches, sugars and sweeteners are off the menu, as well as some fruits and vegetables, soy, dairy, legumes and seeds, oils and grains, such as the following: Nightshades: tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and peppers. Beans and legumes: Including soy and peanuts.

What foods stay in your gut longest? ›

Amount and type of food eaten: Protein-rich foods and fatty foods, such as meat and fish, can take longer to digest than high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Sweets, such as candy, crackers, and pastries, are among the fastest foods digested.

What is the #1 SuperFood? ›

1. Dark Leafy Greens. Dark green leafy vegetables (DGLVs) are an excellent source of nutrients including folate, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber. Part of what makes DGLVs so super is their potential to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease and type 2 diabetes ( 1 , 2 ).

What is the best bread for your gut? ›

Sourdough. Sourdough is easier on the stomach than other kinds of bread due to its prebiotics, making it easier to digest. Additionally, sourdough contains probiotics that are created during its fermentation process: Yes, there's a science to sourdough starter.

What vegetable destroys your gut? ›

Due to their high lectin content, excessive potato consumption could lead to digestive difficulties. Despite being a healthy source of vitamins and minerals, potatoes are actually one of the most problematic lectin-containing foods.

Is oatmeal good for gut health? ›

Oats contain a unique type of fibre that nourishes and restores healthy gut bacteria. This makes oats a great food to eat every day and they are especially suited to breakfast – porridges, muesli or a smoothie with oats.

Does fasting help heal the gut? ›

Evidence suggests that intermittent fasting may benefit your gut health and boost your gut microbiome, the trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that live in your gut. Intermittent fasting is an approach to eating where you switch between periods of fasting and eating as normal.

Is Avocado good for gut health? ›

Avocado is a superfood packed with fiber and essential nutrients, such as potassium, which helps promote healthy digestive function. It's also a low-fructose food, so it's less likely to cause gas.

What is the hardest food to digest? ›

Fatty foods, such as chips, burgers and fried foods, are harder to digest and can cause stomach pain and heartburn. Cut back on greasy fried foods to ease your stomach's workload. Try to eat more lean meat and fish, drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, and grill rather than fry foods.

Is peanut butter good for gut health? ›

Peanut butter is loaded with gut-healthy fiber. But what really is fiber? Fiber hangs around in your digestive system and strengthens the good bacteria in your gut, while aiding the digestive process and helping your body remove toxins. Fiber feeds you and your gut bacteria.

How do I starve my gut bacteria? ›

Ditch the Western diet

A diet that's high in animal protein, sugar, and fat, and low in fiber — like the diets full of processed foods that are popular in the United States — have been shown to decrease the amount of bacteria in the gut , especially of beneficial Bifidobacterium and Eubacterium species.

What is the fastest way to heal gut microbiome? ›

Here's how to improve your microbiome and increase the beneficial bacteria while getting rid of the bad guys.
  1. Avoid sugar and processed foods. ...
  2. Eat naturally fermented foods. ...
  3. Supplement with probiotics. ...
  4. Ditch the antacids. ...
  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners. ...
  6. Eat plenty of fiber. ...
  7. Eat a diverse diet. ...
  8. Eat organic and local.
28 Nov 2018

What is the fastest way to fix gut bacteria? ›

Here are 9 science-based ways to improve your gut bacteria.
  1. Eat a diverse range of foods. ...
  2. Eat lots of vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruit. ...
  3. Eat fermented foods. ...
  4. Eat prebiotic foods. ...
  5. If you can, breastfeed for at least 6 months. ...
  6. Eat whole grains. ...
  7. Eat a plant-based diet. ...
  8. Eat foods rich in polyphenols.

What happens if you drink apple cider vinegar every morning? ›

Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach is one practice that many wellness gurus claim helps you lose weight, reduce hunger, and remove toxins from your system.

What happens if you drink apple cider vinegar everyday? ›

While drinking apple cider vinegar is associated with health benefits, consuming large amounts (8 ounces or 237 ml) every day for many years can be dangerous and has been linked to low blood potassium levels and osteoporosis ( 20 ).

How much vinegar do I drink for gut health? ›

Dilute 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in 8 ounces of water and drink it right before a meal, once or twice a day.

What is the one thing Dr. Gundry says not to eat? ›

Legumes and grains aren't the only foods high in lectins, but they are the foods Dr. Gundry specifically suggests eliminating from your diet.

What protein does Dr. Gundry say to avoid? ›

According to diet creator Dr. Steven Gundry, a group of proteins called lectins are wreaking havoc on our health. The former cardiac surgeon argues that by eliminating lectins (found in nightshades, grains and dairy, amongst other foods), you can lower inflammation, lose weight and boost your wellness.

What does Dr. Gundry say about eating rice? ›

Lectins like wheat germ agglutinin or the g protein found in rice can cause trouble throughout your system. They can damage the tissues in your body, even if you're not officially allergic to them.

What is the number 1 healthiest food in the world? ›

So, having scoured the full list of applicants, we have crowned kale as the number 1 healthiest food out there. Kale has the widest range of benefits, with the fewest drawbacks when stacked up against its competitors.

What is the number 1 unhealthiest food in the world? ›

1. Bacon
  • Fried food. ...
  • Potato chips. ...
  • Added sugars. ...
  • Processed oils. ...
  • Hydrogenated fats. ...
  • Refined carbohydrates. ...
  • Breakfast sausages. ...
  • Processed meat. Even though it's been explained that processed meats like breakfast sausage, bacon and turkey bacon are horrible for your health, this category of food is unhealthy as a whole.
30 Jan 2022

What are the 3 foods you should eat everyday? ›

3 Foods To Eat Everyday For Better Overall Health
  • Leafy Greens. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, fresh lettuce and others, are a great way to increase the portion size of your meal, without actually increasing the calories that you consume. ...
  • Eggs. Eggs are high in protein as well as in healthy fats. ...
  • Nuts.
21 Sept 2018

Does Dr. Gundry eat bananas? ›

Avoid Bananas + Try Blackberries

Instead, try blackberries and pomegranates, as "they're low in sugar and contain potent, disease-fighting antioxidants such as polyphenols," says Gundry.

Is coffee high in lectins? ›

Coffee beans contain lectins.

However, they are more concentrated in grains, beans, and nuts. They are Mother Nature's insecticide and when consumed in large quantities by humans can cause trouble in the small intestine.

Why does Dr. Gundry not like tomatoes? ›

Dr Steven Gundry, a heart surgeon and cardiologist from California said that he found a link between memory loss and lectins, which are found in cucumbers, tomatoes, whole grains, soy, grains, peppers, sprouted grains and some dairy products. Gundry said that such food could even lead eaters to develop dementia.


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