7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Pune with Placements - IIM SKILLS (2023)

Gartner prophesies that the global Artificial Intelligence industry will reach $62 billion in 2022. The AI market is growing fast, and the demand for Artificial intelligence engineers and managers will only rise. It’s the right time to hop on this bandwagon and start your AI career with these artificial intelligence courses in Pune are listed below.

7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Pune with Placements - IIM SKILLS (1)

According to a recentsurveyfrom Gartner, over the next two years, one-third of technology and service provider companies intend to invest $1 million or more in AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy. It is expected that by 2035, AI might contribute$957bn to the Indian economy.

Healthcare, automobile, entertainment, agriculture, and education sectors have started adopting artificial intelligence to develop products and services that provide immense value to humanity. Companies in the space technology industry have followed a similar route to make space exploration a more attractive field by developing new advanced technologies.

NITI Aayog designed a national framework for Artificial Intelligence in India in 2018. The study gave an overview of the roadmap and the government’s plans to develop the sector in the country. The scope of artificial intelligence engineers, data scientists, and machine learning professionals in India will rise in the future, with other sectors and industries joining the AI trend.

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Golden Trends Driving the AI innovation.

Responsible AI:Increased transparency, trust, and accountability are expected from AI innovations. The importance of reliability and auditability of AI innovations has been the prime concern. Responsible AI focuses on the trustability of data, and no lapses should be there. Individuals wanting to work in the AI industry are expected to be proficient in responsible AI.

Efficient utilization of resources: With every passing day, the complexities of data, and the increase in data processing time due to vast amounts of data generated, it is pretty evident to expect the efficient use of available compute resources. Multiple technologies and AI evolutions are happening to process and analyze data efficiently.

Importance of Small and broad data:Post pandemic organizations realized that the AI models built before CoVid have suddenly become less relevant. These AI models were based on massive data, and as a result, they couldn’t perform as effectively as they should with a limited new form of data available. So, it becomes crucial to use the available data more effectively to tackle such situations.

Better Decision making: The availability of small data made humans realize that older AI models may lead to faulty conclusions. Contextual awareness and situational awareness also become vital to make decisions more accurate, reliable, and transparent by AI.

What are the different job titles in AI?

  • Data scientist
  • Associate Deep Learning engineer
  • Machine Learning Researcher
  • Data Science software engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • AI Architect
  • Data Engineer

These job titles might be alluring into thinking to start a career in Artificial intelligence. Therefore, we have collected the best artificial intelligence courses with placement support.

Best job Oriented Artificial Intelligence Courses in Pune:

1. Great Learning

Established in 2013, Great Learning is a leading EdTech company offering artificial intelligence courses in Pune. Great Learning has over 3 million students in 160+ countries. It’s a remarkable feat achieved by any EdTech firm or any institution. It features a multitude of online, blended and offline courses, all of which are tailored to the current job market and include in-demand skills to gain.

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Most of the courses have been developed with the top institutions in the United States of America, making quality international standard education accessible to every career aspirant in the world through online learning. Thousands of its students have transitioned to successful careers at organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, American Express, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, McKinsey, and others. That’s why this course has been one of the top-rated artificial intelligence training in Pune.

The course is a fully online mentorship program and spans over 12 months with 24×7 career support. The course curriculum is a rigorous 225+ hrs learning program covering 9+ languages and tools.

Course curriculum:

  • Python foundation
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Probability
  • Machine learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • NLP
  • EDA
  • Time series forecasting
  • Deployment of models
  • GANs
  • Reinforcement learning

Key Highlights:

  • Hands-on projects
  • Capstone project
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Resume preparation
  • PG certification from the University of Texas and Great Lakes

Tools covered:

  • NumPy
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Matplotlib

Course fee:INR2,40,000 + GST, EMI plans available

Learning mode:Online

Application format

Fill the application form online after signing up, attend the screening test and join the

program if you receive the offer letter. The selected candidates should pay their admission fees to book the seat.

2. Edureka

PG diploma in Artificial intelligence course by Edureka, an ed-tech company founded in 2011, is among the most detailed artificial intelligence courses in Pune. After pursuing this diploma program, you can gain the most in-demand expertise in the current landscape. You can propel your career to a better job and compensation. This program is co-developed by NIT Warangal, Edureka, and E&ICT Academy. Alumni of Edureka work at top MNCs like Google, Samsung, HP, Yahoo, Capgemini, Flipkart, etc.

Key highlights of the program:

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  • Live instructor-led virtual classes
  • 20+ projects
  • 100+ case studies
  • 450+ hrs of learning
  • Dedicated technical support teams
  • Industry-recognized Diploma Certificate
  • 24×7 expert support
  • LMS access
  • Career assistance
  • Practical learning
  • Lab access
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Resume building process

Course syllabus:

  • Python fundamentals
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • ML deployment in the cloud
  • Recommendation systems
  • Image classification
  • TensorFlow for deployment
  • Data tagging
  • Real-time detection
  • NLP
  • Building a chatbot
  • Sequence learning

You will be exposed to industry-grade and most used tools, frameworks like google colab, shap, open CV, YOLO, RASA, Text Blob, PyCaret, etc. You will get a real-time experience of the artificial intelligence engineer’s daily life by practicing 100+ essential tools and frameworks. All the projects are covered in live sessions, so you can be assured these projects to be interactive and informative.

Course fee:INR 2,22,450 + GST

3. Excelr

Among the artificial intelligence courses in Pune, Excelr’s Diploma course in artificial intelligence developed in collaboration with Steinbeis University in Germany gains prominence due to its in-depth course curriculum. Students enrolling in this course gain the alumnus status from SGIT, Germany, and certificate from SGIT and Excelr. This course is self-paced with 50+ assignments and case studies. Domain experts deliver industry-specific webinars for the students to gain real-world experience.

Course curriculum:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Linear and Logistic regression
  • Random forest
  • Bagging and boosting algorithms
  • KNN
  • K-Means
  • Python basics
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • What’s Parameter and hyperparameter
  • CNN and RNN
  • GANs
  • Projects

Course fee:INR 25,999

Course Duration:85+ hrs

Excelr provides post-training support and career assistance to students. Everything is explained in great detail and from the ground up, which helps to build a strong foundation for the topics. The internship gives you the opportunity to work on real-world tasks.

4. Datamites

Datamites is pioneering institution offering courses related to data science and AI domains. Datamite’s Artificial intelligence Engineer course is among the highest-rated artificial intelligence courses in Pune. Datamites provides affordable qualitative courses that have specialized course curriculum for professionals to excel in the competitive analytics job market. You can choose one of the three artificial intelligence tracks- Live virtual, blended training, or classroom training. Blended training would include live classes as well as self-learning. The classroom and virtual live tracks take seven months to complete with 100+ hrs of training.

Course syllabus:

  • AI foundation
  • Popular ML algorithms
  • Classification models
  • Regression models
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Feedforward algorithms
  • Backpropagation
  • Building NN from scratch
  • Deep Neural networks
  • Deep computer vision
  • Transfer learning
  • NLP with RNN
  • Markov decision method
  • Deep Q learning
  • Policy gradient methods
  • GAN
  • Aws

Course fee:

Live classes: INR 55,545

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Blended training: INR 33,495

Classroom: INR 64,995

Students completing the course and all the assignments and projects get a globally recognized certification from IABAC. Five case studies are covered in the course. Data mites provide appropriate placement assistance to their students to find the right artificial intelligence job. Internship opportunities are also available on completion of this 120+ hours course.

5. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering

If you are looking for colleges that provide artificial intelligence courses in Pune, D.Y Patil College of Engineering introduced a B.E. degree program in Artificial intelligence and Data Science. The course is approved by AICTE, New Delhi, and Savitribai Phule University. The college has set up the state of the art infrastructure with two centers of excellence in the department of Information technology and another in Nashik. There are 120 seats in total. The faculty members are thoroughly trained professionals in artificial intelligence and data science. Students have already taken this four-year course with data science and AI topics starting from the second year.

Course structure:

3rd Semester

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Data structures
  • Computer graphics
  • OS
  • OOPS concepts computer Vision

4th Semester

  • Statistics
  • IOT
  • Software engineering
  • DBMS

5th Semester

  • Data science
  • Computer networks
  • Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Elective 1

6th Semester

  • Data warehousing and mining
  • Web tech
  • Neural networks
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Internship
  • Elective 2

7th Semester

  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Data modeling
  • Elective 3 and 4

8th Semester

  • Computational intelligence
  • Distributed computing
  • Elective 5 and 6

Ample amount lab sessions are available for each of the topics in every Semester for hands-on learning. Students can choose from the electives and audit courses as per their liking and interest. The course is designed to imbibe students’ professional skills and prepare them with exceptional problem-solving skills to excel in the analytics domain. Utmost care has been taken to empower students to analyze and build algorithms and ML models for many complex data problems.

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Course fee:INR 4.95 lakhs

6. 360 DigiTMG

DigiTMG’s AI course has an exhaustive curriculum covering all the critical concepts in artificial intelligence. This certificate course is one of its kind in artificial intelligence courses in Pune. This program is an 80+ hours long intensive online offering. The course is supported by 100+ hours of assignments and tasks. The certification is given by 360 DigiTMG’s technology partner IBM and UTM, Malaysia.

This artificial intelligence training in Pune enlightens the students with the latest technology, machine learning, and deep learning concepts of AI. The cutting-edge technologies used by top organizations in their business solutions are introduced to the students with the help of case studies and capstone projects. The capstone projects enrich students’ knowledge and experience in data science. The AI and data science training is a total practical oriented training; hence practical lessons and assignments help develop the analytical mindset.

Course Curriculum:

  • Intro to AI and DL
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • EDA
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • Batch processing
  • Real-time processing
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Intro to ANN
  • Perceptron algorithm
  • CNN
  • Computer vision
  • Mask R-CNN
  • LSTM
  • Super-resolution GAN
  • Reinforcement and Q learning
  • Speech recognition
  • Building chatbot

Outcomes of this training:

  • Building AI systems using DL algorithms
  • Implementing all Neural Network ML algorithms
  • Be able to analyze and operate on unstructured data
  • Implementing DL algorithms
  • Be able to use Python libraries for AI

Key highlights:

  • LinkedIn Review sessions
  • Resume building
  • LMS access
  • Complimentary courses
  • Mock interviews and quizzes
  • Free webinars
  • 24×7 support
  • Offline hiring events
  • Live projects
  • Certified trainers

The institute’s alumni work at HTC, Air Asia, Hitachi, RHB, Korean Air, PepsiCo, Malaysia Airlines, LTI.

7. TechData Solutions

Techdata Solutions offers artificial intelligence courses in Pune and Mumbai. Techdata Solutions has curated the course with respect to the industry demands and has perfected imparting data science education effectively. It is a 120+ hrs course.

The course curriculum of their Data Science track:

  • Python programming basics
  • Python functional programming
  • R programming
  • Statistics
  • ML algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Data visualization through Tableau

The course mandates 10+ real-time projects and 30+ hours of assignments. Techdata Solutions creates batches with limited students to give equal care and attention to each individual. This student-focused approach helps the freshers and working professionals clarify their doubts and proceed ahead in the course.

Techdata provides 100% placement assistance and has hiring partners to forward your profile for any job opportunities. Techdata Solution provides its participants with specialist trainers that are highly experienced and industry professionals who work in top global corporations to help them gain a thorough understanding of each topic.


1. Which colleges have artificial intelligence in Pune?

D.Y. Patil College of Engineering (DYPCOE), Pune, has recently introduced an artificial intelligence course with an exhaustive curriculum to prepare students with critical thinking, analytical abilities, and data science knowledge. Check this blog for more details on the course.

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2. What are the course fees of artificial intelligence?

The course fees vary from institute to institute based on the placement assistance and the course structure. Most artificial intelligence courses start from 25k and can go up to 4 lakhs.

3. Is Artificial intelligence a promising career?

By the end of 2030, the future scope of artificial intelligence is expected to expand, and the jobs in data science and machine learning will increase by 31.4 percent as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The statistical result clearly shows how AI will be ruling the job market. Moreover, the AI field is an ever-evolving field. New techniques, ML models, and algorithms are constantly developed to extract insights from raw data.


Now that we have explored the best artificial intelligence courses in Pune, a caveat is worth noting here. All of these courses have a comprehensive course curriculum. It’s equally important for you as a student to implement all the learnings as much as you can. Diligently completing all the assignments, projects will make you think like an artificial intelligence engineer. The experience learned will benefit you in the actual job environment tackling business problems efficiently.


Which AI skills are most in demand? ›

What are the Most In-demand Skills in Artificial Intelligence in...
  • Programming Skills.
  • Libraries and Frameworks.
  • Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.
  • Data Science and Data Analysis.
  • Soft Skills.

Which is best course for AI? ›

In summary, here are 10 of our most popular artificial intelligence courses
  • Machine Learning: DeepLearning.AI.
  • Building Autonomous AI: University of Washington.
  • IBM Applied AI: IBM Skills Network.
  • AI For Everyone: DeepLearning.AI.
  • AI Foundations for Everyone: IBM Skills Network.

In which IIT AI course is best? ›

This article features the top 10 best artificial intelligence and machine learning courses offered by IITs.
  • B. ...
  • Certificate Program in Machine Learning and AI using Python – IIT Bombay. ...
  • M. ...
  • Post Baccalaureates in AI and Data Science – IIT Madras. ...
  • Ph. ...
  • Certificate Programme in Data Science & Machine Learning – IIT Delhi.
4 Jun 2022

What is the maximum salary of artificial intelligence? ›

AI Engineers Salaries Across the Globe

The entry-level annual average AI engineer salary in India is around 8 lakhs, which is significantly higher than the average salary of any other engineering graduate. At high-level positions, the AI engineer salary can be as high as 50 lakhs.

What is the minimum salary of artificial intelligence? ›

Starting an artificial intelligence job as a fresher can fetch candidates salaries between Rs. 6 LPA and Rs. 12 LPA on average, with top-notch companies offering even more.

What are the 3 fields of AI? ›

In this article, I will explain three major directions of artificial intelligence technology, that are speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Which jobs will AI take first? ›

Based on the nature and type of these jobs, here is a rundown of the jobs that AI machines are most likely to perform in the future:
  • Customer service executives. ...
  • Bookkeeping and data entry. ...
  • Receptionists. ...
  • Proofreading. ...
  • Manufacturing and pharmaceutical work. ...
  • Retail services. ...
  • Courier services. ...
  • Doctors.
5 Oct 2021

Which skill is very very essential in future for AI jobs? ›

Data Science

These skills are essential to the field of AI because they encompass the advanced analytics that are necessary in machine learning algorithms.

Are AI skills in demand? ›

In healthcare, AI can process and interpret medical images, which can help diagnose diseases and plan treatments. Consequently, there is substantial demand for AI skills across numerous businesses and industries.

Which company is best for AI engineer? ›

With a bright future ahead, Viz.ai is one of the top artificial intelligence companies to work for in 2021.

Which degree is best for AI engineer? ›

A bachelor's degree in a relevant subject, such as information technology, computer engineering, statistics, or data science, is the very minimum needed for entry into the area of artificial intelligence engineering.

Does AI require coding? ›

Yes, if you're looking to pursue a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a little coding is necessary.

Which branch is best AI or CSE? ›

Tech professionals specializing in AI and ML is super high, and hence, there is a crunch of employees in the market. Salary for the CSE employee starts from INR 3 lakh per annum, while that of a professional with an AI and ML background gets a job with INR 6 lakh per annum.

What is the salary of AI engineer in Google? ›

Google Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary FAQs

Average Google Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary in India is ₹ 73.1 Lakhs for null years of experience. Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary at Google India ranges between ₹ 38.7 Lakhs to ₹ 100.0 Lakhs.

Is AI a hard career? ›

So it's not like which branch of engineering is hard. It all depends on your skill sets. If you have some essential skills, you are good at getting into the world of AI. At some point, you will discover that artificial intelligence or machine learning is just the representation of how humans learn and think.

Is artificial intelligence difficult? ›

Learning AI is not an easy task, especially if you're not a programmer, but it's imperative to learn at least some AI. It can be done by all. Courses range from basic understanding to full-blown master's degrees in it. And all agree it can't be avoided.

What skills are needed for AI jobs? ›

Top Artificial Intelligence Skills
  • Programming languages (Python, R, Java are the most necessary)
  • Linear algebra and statistics.
  • Signal processing techniques.
  • Neural network architectures.
5 days ago

How can I start my AI career? ›

To get a job in artificial intelligence, you'll want to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related major. Also, consider pursuing a postgraduate degree in the field and build your experience and portfolio.

Is AI a good future career? ›

AI also includes intriguing subfields such as computer vision, and it encompasses machine learning, which is teaching machines to perfect and improve skills on their own. Machine learning jobs are poised to grow over the next several years, as machine learning engineers are the second most in-demand role in the field.

Who is father of AI? ›

If John McCarthy, the father of AI, were to coin a new phrase for "artificial intelligence" today, he would probably use "computational intelligence." McCarthy is not just the father of AI, he is also the inventor of the Lisp (list processing) language.

What are the 7 original aspects of AI? ›

The original seven aspects of AI, named by McCarthy and others at the Dartmouth Conference in 1955, include automatic computers, programming AI to use language, hypothetical neuron nets to be used to form concepts, measuring problem complexity, self-improvement, abstractions, and randomness and creativity.

What are the main 5 areas of AI? ›

Five AI technologies that you need to know
  • Artificial Intelligence. ...
  • Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. ...
  • Deep Learning. ...
  • Natural Language Processing. ...
  • Computer Vision.

What jobs will be in demand in 2030? ›

15 Jobs You'll Be Recruiting for in 2030
  • Organ creator. ...
  • Augmented-reality journey builder. ...
  • Metaverse planner. ...
  • Biofilm installer. ...
  • Earthquake forecaster. ...
  • Makeshift structure engineer. ...
  • Algorithm bias auditor. ...
  • Rewilder.

Can AI replace engineers? ›

Their expertise empowers the designers with additional tools, which is a massive gain in competitiveness for the entire company. This new workflow also means a much smarter usage of CAE tools. In conclusion, AI approaches will not replace simulation softwares nor engineers.

What jobs Cannot replace AI? ›

Psychologists, caregivers, most engineers, human resource managers, marketing strategists, and lawyers are some roles that cannot be replaced by AI anytime in the near future”.

What qualifications do you need for AI? ›

The basic qualification to become an AI engineer is a bachelor's degree in a related field, like information technology, computer science, statistics or data science. After gaining a bachelor's degree, you can also pursue a postgraduate degree specialising in the specific field of AI.

Which subject is most important for artificial intelligence? ›

The main research topics in AI include: problem solving, reasoning, planning, natural language understanding, computer vision, automatic programming, machine learning, and so on. Of course, these topics are closely related with each other.

What are the 4 classes of artificial intelligence? ›

Artificial intelligence research is one of the most exciting fields in tech. There are a lot of ongoing discoveries and developments, most of which are divided into four categories: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-aware AI.

How many years of course is AI? ›

Tech in artificial intelligence is offered as a B. Tech Computer Science course in India. Like other B. Tech courses, this AI course is also 4 years long.

Which country is best for AI study? ›

Best countries to study artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in UK.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Canada.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Germany.
  • Artificial Intelligence in USA.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Sweden.
  • Artificial Intelligence in France.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Ireland.

Is AI job stressful? ›

The database administrator is one of the most-hated AI jobs as it is extremely stressful and one mistake can provide a serious consequence in a company. Any kind of emergency situation related to the database in the existing system, this AI professional should attend, even at the cost of personal life.

What is the salary of AI engineer in India? ›

AI Engineer salary in India with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years ranges from ₹ 3.3 Lakhs to ₹ 22 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 8.8 Lakhs based on 190 salaries.

Is AI in demand in future? ›

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of humanity across nearly every industry. It is already the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT, and it will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future.

What is scope of artificial intelligence? ›

The scope of Artificial Intelligence is limited to domestic and commercial purposes as the medical and aviation sectors are also using AI to improve their services. If AI is outperforming human efforts, then opting for AI automation will reduce costs in the long run for a business.

What should I study if I interested in artificial intelligence? ›

Those who wish to get into artificial intelligence and be successful must earn, at minimum, a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field, such as computer engineering. Those who want to maximize their employability should consider going on to earn a graduate degree in AI.

Is Java required for AI? ›

In the AI landscape, Java is used for machine learning, neural networks, search algorithms, and genetic programming.

Is Python is necessary for AI? ›

Python is a key part of AI programming languages due to the fact that it has good frameworks, such as scikit-learn-Machine Learning in Python that meets almost all requirements in this area as well as D3. js data-driven documents JS. It is among the most efficient and user-friendly tools to visualize.

Which is better it or AI? ›

Both the subject is equivalently good but AI has more scope . Hope this helps.

Which course in CSE has highest salary? ›

Software Engineer

With an average salary of ₹ 23,46,700 per annum, software engineers are among the highest-paid jobs for candidates with a computer science degree. Software engineers are largely responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical aspects of the company.

Which is best AI or ECE? ›

When it comes to CSE (AI) it is a specialisation branch. You have ample of opportunities in research field with high packages. You have interest in this field you may very well choose this branch. ECE is mostly chosen commonly by many Engineering students.

Which college offers artificial intelligence in Pune? ›

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Programme at VU Pune provides students the skills to perform intelligent decisions based on data analysis which is an important component in various real-world applications.

Which colleges have artificial intelligence in Pune? ›

AI & Robotics Colleges in Pune: Cutoff
  • D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, AkurdiAkurdi, Pune. ...
  • Amity University OnlinePune. ...
  • College of Engineering, PuneShivaji Nagar, Pune. ...
  • MIT WPU - World Peace University, PuneKothrud, Pune. ...
  • NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, MumbaiDeccan, Pune.
18 Oct 2022

Does Vit Pune have artificial intelligence? ›

tech Artificial intelligence and Data Sciences course in VIT, Pune is about INR 7.20 Lakh.

Does MIT Pune have artificial intelligence? ›

Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) is a four years full-time undergraduate Engineering course and it is offered by MIT WPU Faculty of Engineering, Pune.

What is the eligibility for AI? ›

A bachelor's degree in a relevant subject, such as information technology, computer engineering, statistics, or data science, is the very minimum needed for entry into the area of artificial intelligence engineering.

How much is scope in artificial intelligence? ›

Career choices in AI include jobs in intelligence, game programmers, robotic scientists, computer scientists, and data scientists among others. Artificial Intelligence is, thus, a very popular course worldwide. It is beneficial to master at least one basic machine language in order to work in this field.

Can I do MBA in artificial intelligence? ›

It is a branch of the Computer Science that aims to develop intelligent computer machines. MBA (Artificial Intelligence & Consulting) integrates understanding of impact of business effectiveness through technology, research, analysis, and serving the business world in the form of consulting.

Is artificial intelligence course is good career? ›

The good news is that the AI professional field is full of different career opportunities, which means you can take on different roles and responsibilities depending upon the position, your experience and your interests. The need for skilled AI professionals spans nearly every industry, including: Financial services.

What is the scope of artificial intelligence? ›

The scope of Artificial Intelligence is limited to domestic and commercial purposes as the medical and aviation sectors are also using AI to improve their services. If AI is outperforming human efforts, then opting for AI automation will reduce costs in the long run for a business.

How many years is artificial intelligence course? ›

Tech in artificial intelligence is offered as a B. Tech Computer Science course in India. Like other B. Tech courses, this AI course is also 4 years long.

Which is better VIT Pune or MIT Pune? ›

According to different parameters VIT,Pune has upper hand over MIT,Pune. VIT Pune is autonomous private engineering college.

Is MIT Pune is private or government? ›

MIT-World Peace University, Kothrud-Pune

MIT-WPU is among the best private universities in India offering courses in Engineering, Management, Governance, Law, Economics, Liberal Arts, Science, and Journalism.

Which is better VIT Pune or DJ Sanghvi? ›

Vishwakarma institute is ranked AAAA while DJ sanghvi is ranked AAA. In addition vishwakarma institute is 10 years older than DJ sanghvi.

Is MIT Pune costly? ›

A. MIT Pune BTech fees is INR 12.40 lakh for four years.

Is MIT Pune better than IIT? ›

IIT is the best option for students looking forward to making a career in Science and Technology by staying in India. MIT is well known for its courses across the globe. Therefore, if you are considering studying abroad and have an academic profile which is suitable for MIT then there is no better option than that!

Is MIT Pune worth joining? ›

Placements: About 90% of placements are offered in our college for the IT branch. The highest salary package offered is 32 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is 2.5 LPA. The average salary package offered ranges between 6-7 LPA.


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