Bulb Energy reviews: Was it a good energy supplier? (2023)

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As one of the UK’s newest energy suppliers, Bulb experienced rapid growth since launching in 2015. In November 2021. Bulb Energy announced it was unable to continue trading and would go into administration. Read on to discover Bulb Energy reviews from customers and what they had to say about its customer service and prices before it shut down.


  • Ranked in the top 5 energy suppliers, scoring 69% in the last Which? survey.
  • Scores high for bill clarity, with 4/5 from Which? and 5/5 from Citizens Advice.
  • Easy to switch and with great customer guarantees - 5/5 for both according to Citizens Advice.


  • High number of complaints reported by Citizens Advice, scoring 2/5 in this area.
  • Not ranked particularly high in terms of ease of getting in touch - scores 3.4/5 in this area according to Citizens Advice.
  • Which? gives the provider 3 stars in terms of value for money - not bad, but not outstanding.
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This supplier has gone bust. Find out what to do next.

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⚖️Bulb Energy reviews

In just five years, Bulb Energy developed many loyal customers, partly due to its aggressive marketing strategy of rewarding existing customers for referring new customers with a refer-a-friend bonus.

As one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the UK, Bulb supplied energy to more than 1.7 million homes and businesses across the country before going bust.

On 22 November 2021, Bulb Energy announced that it was to enter administration and its customers would be protected by Ofgem's Special Administration Regime (SAR).

The table below shows the average Bulb review scores from Citizens Advice, Which? and Trustpilot.

Bulb Energy Reviews: Average Customer Ratings
Customer review siteAverage Bulb Energy rating
Citizens Advice71%

Last updated: November 2021

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Below, we've broken down Bulb reviews by customer service, tariffs and prices, and bills and account management.

📞Bulb Energy customer service reviews

Customer service is one of the most important factors to consdider when choosing a provider. So what did Bulb Energy reviews reveal about how the supplier responded to its customers’ needs?

We found that when you do need to contact Bulb’s customer service team, they kept things simple and friendly, helping customers resolve any issues they had with minimal fuss.

Friendly, fast, flexible service at a great price. Would recommend highly.

Unfortunately, longtime Bulb customers were spending more time on the phone than they did in previous years. The company experienced tremendous growth over the its six year lifespan, which led to slightly longer waiting times on average, both on the phone and for responding to emails.

In 2017, Bulb Energy was rated as the fastest energy firm on average to respond to customer phone calls, with a waiting time of less than a minute! Shortly before Bulb Energy entered special administration, it took one minute and 52 seconds on average (according to Citizens Advice) to get through to a representative. As for emails, the Citizens Advice reported that Bulb Energy responded to 84.7% of emails within two days.

💸Bulb Vari-Fair reviews: Was Bulb Energy good value?

Another crucial factor to evaulate is how consumers rank perceived value for money, or the value of what they’re receiving from energy companies, as compared to the price of said services. So do customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth with the Bulb Vari-Fair tariff? We did some digging through Bulb reviews to find out.

We found that Bulb Energy reviews frequently praise the supplier’s reasonable prices.

I like the fact that there is only one tariff, known as the Bulb Vari-fair tariff and that Bulb are as quick to bring prices down as other suppliers are to put them up. Added to that there is the fact that Bulb buy only from sustainable sources. What's not to like.

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This supplier has gone bust. Find out what to do next.

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Easy switch from previous supplier. Good support and very clear billing. Competitively priced.

🧾Bills and account management

Bulb Energy reviews: Was it a good energy supplier? (5)

As we mentioned above, Bulb Energy was dedicated to providing an easy and transparent service to its customers. A huge part of that effort came from prompt, easy-to-understand bills. We found that simple bills with clear explanations are mentioned frequently across Bulb customer reviews.

Contrary to the positive Bulb reviews from customers, it was recently revealed that nearly 11,400 Bulb Energy customers were mistakenly charged multiple standing charges between December 2017 and June 2020.
In total, these customers were overcharged by nearly £700 thousand! On top of having to pay back affected customers, Bulb also paid out an additional £675,000 in goodwill payments.

Discover how to manage your bills via your Bulb account with our complete Bulb Energy login guide.

⚖️How did Bulb Energy reviews compare to other suppliers?

Bulb Energy reviews: Was it a good energy supplier? (6)

How do Bulb Energy reviews fair against those of other energy suppliers? According to the latest research from Citizens Advice, Bulb Energy ranked 13th out of 23 UK energy suppliers in terms of fewest complaints. The organisation compares UK energy suppliers on a quarterly basis across the following six categories:

  • Average call centre wait time
  • Number of complaints per 10,000 customers
  • Customers who had an accurate bill in the past year
  • Bills and statements sent on time
  • Switches completed within 21 days
  • Customer guarantees

Bulb received an overall score of 3.55 out of five stars in the April to June 2021 survey.

In the table below, we’ve listed the the top ten suppliers so that you can see how their scores compare to Bulb's.

Citizen's Advice Customer Service Ranking: Top 10
RankEnergy SupplierRating
2Octopus Energy3.95
3EDF Energy3.85
4Co-Operative Energy3.75
5Outfox The Market3.75
7Affect Energy3.45
8So Energy3.45
9Utility Warehouse3.15
10Shell Energy3.15

Information from Citizens Advice Last Updated March 2022

Bulb Energy reviews: Was it a good energy supplier? (7)

This supplier has gone bust. Find out what to do next.

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Bulb Energy reviews: Was it a good energy supplier? (8)

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📢How well did Bulb Energy handle complaints?

The table below shows Bulb’s complaints handling data per quarter over 2020. By looking at the table, you’ll notice that the number of complaints received has significantly increased. This is likely due to the supplier’s rapid increase in its number of customers.

Bulb Energy Complaints Handling Data
Time periodComplaints received/100,000 customersPercentage resolved by end of next working dayPercentage resolved within eight weeks
January - March 202068919%85%
April - June 20201,06528%97%
July - September 20201,96245%97%
October - December 20202,25941%94%

Complaints FAQs

How do I make a complaint to Bulb?

If you need to file a Bulb complaint, the easiest way to do so is by contacting the supplier on 0300 30 30 635 or emailing its complaints team at [emailprotected] Bulb will aim to solve the issue within five business days.

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I am unhappy with the way Bulb resolved my complaint - is there anyone else I can contact?

If you are still unsatisfied with the resolution, you can then request a “deadlock letter” from Bulb. This letter serves as written confirmation that Bulb was unable to resolve the issue. You can then refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. If the provider declines to issue you a deadlock letter, you can still refer the complaint to the Energy Ombudsman after eight weeks have passed since you first raised the complaint.


Who is the best energy supplier 2022? ›

Octopus Energy came out on top as the best energy supplier for the second year running with an overall customer score of 83%. Ebico was rated second overall with a 79% customer score. They were closely followed by both Bulb Energy and Pure Planet who were just one percentage point behind on 78%.

Should you switch from Bulb? ›

– Should I switch to a new supplier? There's nothing stopping you from switching, but it might not be advisable. With Bulb you will be protected by the cap on energy prices, and there are no better deals anywhere else on the market. But if you want to switch, you still can.

Is it safe to join Bulb? ›

If you're a Bulb Business member your energy supply will be guaranteed by the government. You won't see any disruptions to your electricity and gas services, and your credit balance is protected.

Should I keep paying Bulb? ›

Energy supplier Bulb Energy Ltd has announced it is insolvent. A Special Administrator has been appointed to run Bulb, which will continue to supply energy to its customers as normal. As a customer of Bulb you do not need to do anything. You will continue to receive energy and be billed by Bulb as normal.

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier in the UK 2022? ›

Octopus Energy say setting their prices at £50 below the cap level will cost them around £50m in lost revenues over six months. £50 savings may be small, but it at least sets Octopus apart and allows us to say their SVT is the cheapest available from April to October 2022.

Is it better to go fixed or variable energy 2022? ›

You will benefit from set rates that will protect you from energy price hikes and make it easier to take control of your utility bills. However, fixed tariffs can be more expensive and often come with large exit fees and other contractual conditions.

Why is bulb energy so expensive? ›

Bulb is in a special administration overseen by the UK government and run by the restructuring firm Teneo. The government has refused to allow it to hedge – where companies buy energy at a fixed price for a certain period – exposing it to rising gas prices.

Is Bulb the most expensive energy supplier? ›

So Bulb come out as the 6th cheapest out of the big six suppliers and Octopus Energy.

What is happening with Bulb customers? ›

Instead, Bulb's millions of customers have remained at the firm which has been on life-support ever since its demise, being maintained through a £1.7bn transfusion of public money. Following its entry into administration, Bulb and its parent company, Simple Energy, were appointed separate administrators.

Is Bulb Energy safe from going bust? ›

Bulb Energy entered energy supply company administration under a Special Administration Regime on 24 November 2021. This special process protects essential services that may otherwise be interrupted if normal insolvency processes were used.

Is Bulb Energy safe from collapse? ›

Bulb's customers, including those with prepayment meters, do not need to do anything. Their energy supplies remain secure and customers' credit balances are protected. Find out how you're protected when energy firms collapse.

Are Octopus taking over Bulb? ›

Greg Jackson's Octopus bought Bulb out of government-handled special administration last weekend and is set to take control of the company later this month, a year after it collapsed.

Is Bulb going under? ›

Bulb Energy has gone bust and will be placed into an untested bailout process that will rely on public money to manage the fallout of the UK's biggest energy supplier collapse yet.

Do energy saving bulbs really save money? ›

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were the first energy efficient bulbs on the market and use around 70-80% less electricity than the equivalent traditional bulbs, as well as lasting almost 10 times longer.
Select the right lumen value.
Traditional bulbLED / CFL bulb
100 watt1,520 lumen
5 more rows
27 Sept 2022

Who is the UK's cheapest energy supplier? ›

Shopping around for the cheapest energy supplier might feel like a big task, but it doesn't need to be.
Smaller energy suppliers
  • Shell Energy (previously First Utility)
  • OVO Energy.
  • Utilita.
  • Utilty Warehouse.
  • Ecotricity.
  • Good Energy.
  • Octopus Energy.
19 Aug 2022

Which is the best energy supplier at the moment? ›

The best energy suppliers in 2022
  1. Octopus Energy: The ultimate for customer service, value and more. ...
  2. Utility Warehouse: A great service with good complaint numbers and handling. ...
  3. Ovo Energy: One of the best but gets lots of complaints. ...
  4. Bulb Energy: Not as good as it once was but bills are clear.
10 Oct 2022

Are energy prices likely to fall down 2022? ›

Will energy prices go down in 2022? Wholesale energy prices (the price that suppliers pay to buy the energy they sell to their customers) are very unlikely to go down in 2022 – in fact, they will almost definitely be going up. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is largely to blame for this.

Is Octopus cheaper than British Gas? ›

They carry the burden of these costs, and they have no option but to pass on to their customers in the form of bigger energy bills. Let's take a closer look. For Octopus, our standard variable tariff is currently about £121 cheaper than British Gas. That's £923 vs £1044 for a medium user.

Should I fix my energy prices until 2023? ›

You should only fix your energy prices until 2023 if you can source a cheaper fixed tariff than that of the October 2022 price cap increase.

How does bulb compare to other energy suppliers? ›

Bulb are not just fighting them on price and customer service, but with renewable energy – Bulb provides 100% renewable energy – that's the sun (solar), wind and water (hydro) power. Better yet, the gas is 100% carbon neutral too.

Is it worth getting a fixed rate energy tariff? ›

Are fixed-rate tariffs cheap? Fixed-rate tariffs ultimately depend on the conditions of the energy market – if wholesale prices are high, fixed deals will be less attractive. Generally speaking though, if market conditions are good and you shop around, a fixed-rate tariff will be better value than a variable-rate one.


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