Energy of an electron increases with increase in distance from the nucleus. Comment on the change in kinetic energy and potential energy. (2023)

  1. Change in kinetic energy: As the distance of the electron from the nucleus increases, the force of attraction between the electron and the nucleus decreases. Due to this, the velocity of the electron decreases leading to a decrease in the kinetic energy (K.E.=12mv2wherevisthevelocity).
  2. Change in potential energy: Potential energy is inversely proportionate to the force of attraction. Thus it increases with an increase in distance.
  3. Total energy is the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy.
  4. Change in Total energy: The increase in potential energy is more than the decrease in kinetic energy. Due to this, there is overall an increase in the total energy of an electron with the increase in distance,
  5. As a result, as the electron moves away from the nucleus, its total energy increases.


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