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We all as individuals remain curious about what will happen in our future and in fact sometimes taken aback by sudden circumstances in life we wonder why such adversities happened to us? We try hard to understand the ongoing situations of our life and its effect thereon. Life is a big mystery which leads us to sail through good and bad times. Astrology serves as a guiding light in these difficult and unexpected situations. We all are born with certain positive as well as negative traits and these traits are largely dependent on the placement of planets in our kundli or horoscope. One may easily get free kundli online or free horoscope online with the help of trusted astrological software available in the market.

Why kundli is so important?

A horoscope or janam kundli is a snap shot of the sky when we ascended to this Earth or when we were born. The placement of planets and stars in constellations at our time of birth affect us throughout our life. Miraculously, they signify all major events of our life and decide the quantum of our well being or miseries to be received in the present life. Free kundli charts are studied by astrologers to predict about the future events of the natives. All necessary information regarding childhood, education, marriage, career, business, progeny, finance, foreign settlement, love life, health and others can be successfully deduced from free janam kundli analysis.

How to get your free online kundli?

For casting a birth chart, the best astrologer needs basic birth details like accurate birth time, date and location of the birth place which can then be used to make accurate birth prediction by date of birth. Our horoscope contains all necessary information and can be used beneficially to take important decisions in our life. An aware and well informed individual is always in a better position to take timely decisions securing bright future ahead.

We may summarize the procedure in three simple steps:

  • Enter your birth date, time and place in the given space.
  • Give your contact details including your e-mail specifications.
  • Select the type of query you wish to ask

The most advanced kundli software

Reliable and trustworthy software is mandatory to get one’s birth chart. In ancient days, our scholars used to cast the horoscopes manually by observing the celestial movements with utmost care. They were divine souls with deep knowledge of the subject and with focused and bright minds the chances of mistakes were very less. But in modern times, the astrologers make use of the astrological software to perform astrological calculations. The most genuine and efficient software like LeoStar-I can be used to get free horoscope online in hindi and other languages. The software is vast in application and covers almost every detail required to make accurate reading as per birth date. It perfectly amalgamates innumerable ancient principles and calculations in astrology which can be used with convenience by the users. It also provides gemstones and astrological remedial suggestions which are helpful in free horoscope predictions. This is the most advanced software in the world of astrology used by end number of astrologers across the globe. LeoStar- I is a result of several years of research and hard work and has earned fame worldwide.

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What does a kundli comprise of?

A kundli or birth chart shows the placement of all planets and stars in different 12 houses of the horoscope. The placement of planets in various houses, zodiac signs and nakshatras jointly predict the life path of a native. They give indications about the major auspicious events and setbacks in anyone’s life. A learned astrologer analyzes all possibilities as depicted through this planetary placement and makes predictions about a person’s life. This is not at all an easy task and requires years of experience and knowledge to come up with even single prediction. Thus, it is very important to choose your astrologer with extreme care. The astrologers at Future Point have an experience of more than decades which talks about their excellence itself. One may consult Mr. Arun Bansal, the world famous astrologer and his team to get the most genuine astrological advice and remedial measures. They all are masters in their field and thrive to serve masses with maximum devotion and self less motives.

Benefits of kundli analysis

Future horoscope by date of birth is a guiding tool that serves to relieve stress and help the native to overcome any trouble with ease. If we know in advance about what years will bring success and fame and which will prove disastrous to us, we may remain alert and grab the opportunities or shun away the adversities at the same time with free horoscope prediction. Awareness of the events is a precious asset which can successfully be used to take appropriate decisions in life. The best astrologer may give concerned information which can be utilized as and when the time arises.

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  1. Free astrology by date of birth provides one shot solution to all problems of life. Sometimes we run after something which is not actually promised in our birth chart leading to stress and wastage of time and money. Astrology directs us to gain maximum benefits in the fields as promised through our natal chart.
  2. Janam kundli in hindi free with predictions not just give indications about our destiny but also indicates how to alter it into most desired way through our hard work and right karmas. Astrology teaches us to know our capabilities and motivates us to keep track of our karmas to perform rightful deeds only. Thus paves the way for spiritual progress through devotion, donations and alterations in our general conduct towards others.
  3. Astrology free prediction also helps in choosing the right path of career. The strong planets and their association with important career houses decide as to what line we will choose as a profession or career. All answers related to career or business can be easily answered with the help of free janam kundli in hindi. If we are aware of our fate and strengths or weakness then we become more receptive to our interests and surroundings which definitely help in choosing the right career.
  4. The disparities in birth chart also cause health issues in a person’s life and may be successfully detected through free astrology online. Free kundli reading helps to detect the planet responsible for misfortunes. The effective remedies as suggested by the best astrologers help to eradicate the evil effects of negative energies and thus relieving the native.
  5. Accurate life prediction by date of birth free may suggest about the compatibility of the couple at the time of marriage through free kundli milan. And even if the couple has married without kundli analysis like in love marriage, then also the astrologer suggest astrological remedies to bring harmony in married relations. Future prediction by date of birth helps to know the natural characteristics and mental tendencies and suitability for each other.
  6. Whether you wish to settle abroad or study in foreign land, Vedic astrology may explore for all possible avenues for you. There are certain houses and planetary combinations involved in finding out whether the native will work, study, medical or settle across the country border. Accurate life prediction by date of birth free may suggest you about the chances of going abroad for any of these purposes.

How analysis of a horoscope is done?

  • Our great astrologers cast your birth chart with the help of the basic birth details as provided by you. With the help of the most trusted software LeoStar-I, there are no chances of mistakes.
  • Information about the personality traits, nature, character, temperament and major life events are calculated. Different planets are analyzed based on their placements in different houses, rashis and nakshatras.
  • Different varga or divisional charts are studied to get in depth knowledge about the native’s life.
  • Dasha system along with transits is deeply studied.
  • Different auspicious and inauspicious periods are ascertained.
  • The most effective remedies are prescribed after knowing the probable reasons of miseries.


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Can Kundli predict future? ›

Yes, Kundli reading can help forecast the future accurately. With the help of birth details, astrologers can tell the details that natives wish to know. Astrologers need to know the accurate birth time, place of birth, and date of birth to reveal and analyse what the future holds for the person. What is a Lagna chart?

Are online kundali accurate? ›

Honestly, an online Kundli can be more detailed when compared to the physical ones. To state the obvious, just like a physical Kundli is made by learned Vedic astrologers and pandits, similarly, an online Kundli too is also prepared as per the astrological predictions by the astrologers.

Can I change my kundali? ›

This is not possible. Think about it this way: An astrologer has not created your destiny, so he cannot change it. It's actually you—your subconscious and accumulated karma—who has created your destiny. In life, you get the chance to edit it just a little bit through choices and decisions.

Is kundali matching real? ›

Kundali matching has been an essential part of Hindu marriages since ancient times. All customs and traditions have evolved with time. But the trend of matching kundalis before marriage remained unchanged. Kundali matching became important due to the prominent practice of arranged marriage.

How can I check my future? ›

Various Methods of Predicting The Future
  1. Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is one of the main systems of Indian Astrology. ...
  2. For example: ...
  3. Jaimini Astrology. ...
  4. Horary Astrology. ...
  5. Palmistry. ...
  6. Lal-Kitab Astrology. ...
  7. Numerology. ...
  8. Tarot Cards.

How we can know our future? ›

Precognition means awareness of the future, through direct knowledge or some other kind of perception, like dreams. Most precognitive experiences occur in dreams, and most occur 24-48 hours before the occurrence. Premonition involves the feeling that something might happen, but not the knowledge of what it is exactly.


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