Godrej | Industries - Let's make Goodness (2023)

About Godrej Industries

Godrej Industries is a holding company of the Godrej Group. We have significant interests in consumer goods, real estate, agriculture, chemicals and financial services through our subsidiary and associate companies, across 18 countries.


What is the slogan of Godrej? ›

Godrej | Industries - Let's make Goodness.

What is the line of Godrej products? ›

GCPL's products include soap, hair colourants, toiletries and liquid detergents. Its brands include 'Cinthol', 'Godrej Fair Glow', 'Godrej No. 1' and 'Godrej Shikakai' in soaps, 'Godrej Powder Hair Dye', 'Renew', 'ColourSoft' in hair colourants and 'Ezee' liquid detergent.

Which is the highest selling products of Godrej? ›

Hair care, personal wash and insecticides make up the core business of the largest homegrown personal care company. Good Knight, its mosquito repellent, is not only a top selling brand in India but also in Africa.

Why is Godrej Industries falling? ›

Amid the unprecedented global commodity inflation, the entire FMCG industry witnessed a consumption slowdown in the initial months of 2022. Companies had to take successive price hikes as the sector was hit hard by higher inflation levels. This was one factor dragging Godrej Consumer lower, among other FMCG companies.

What is the famous slogan? ›

Karo ya Maro” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. The slogan “Do or Die” was delivered by Mahatma Gandhi after a meeting of the AICC (All India Congress Committee) which was held on August 7, 1942.

Is Godrej an ethical company? ›

GODREJ has built its reputation by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to values such as honesty, integrity, trust and respect, besides conforming to national and international rules in its dealings with all business partners.

What caste is Godrej? ›

The Godrej family is an Indian Parsi family that manages and largely owns the Godrej Group of company- a conglomerate founded by Ardeshir Godrej and his brother Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897.

Is Godrej Consumer Products a good buy? ›

The Price Trend analysis by MoneyWorks4Me indicates it is Semi Strong which suggest that the price of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd is likely to Rise-somewhat in the short term.

Which product is sold most on Amazon? ›

Some of the best selling categories on Amazon include video games, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, home and kitchen, beauty and personal care products, and pet supplies.

Which is the most sold product in the world? ›

What is the most sold item in world? The most sold item in the world is clothing and fashion items. This ranges from women and men's outfits to children's clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. People love their clothes, and fashion isn't going anywhere!

Is Godrej debt free? ›

' When we think about how risky a company is, we always like to look at its use of debt, since debt overload can lead to ruin. We can see that Godrej Properties Limited (NSE:GODREJPROP) does use debt in its business.

Is Godrej Industries debt Free? ›

Godrej Industries does use a high amount of debt to increase returns. It has a debt to equity ratio of 1.21.

Is Godrej debt free company? ›

With a net debt to EBITDA ratio of 5.1, it's fair to say Godrej Industries does have a significant amount of debt.

What was America's leading slogan? ›

"No taxation without representation" is a political slogan that originated in the American Revolution, and which expressed one of the primary grievances of the American colonists for Great Britain.

What are 5 popular slogans? ›

10 Popular slogans to emulate
  • Bounty "The quicker picker upper" ...
  • Old Spice "The original. ...
  • AllState "You're in good hands" ...
  • Subway "Eat fresh" ...
  • Dollar Shave Club "Shave time. ...
  • Airbnb "Belong anywhere" ...
  • Dunkin' "America runs on Dunkin'" ...
  • Kellog's Rice Krispies "Snap!

What is the slogan of Gucci? ›

The brand launched its first global tagline, Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

What are the 10 famous slogan? ›

Some of the famous slogans given by freedom fighters are "Jai Hind", "Vande Mataram", "Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it", "Give me blood and I will give you freedom", Do or die, "Inquilab Zindabad", "Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humare dil mein hai" and "Simon go back".

Does Pepsi have a slogan? ›

PepsiCo has rolled out its first new tagline for its flagship Pepsi brand in more than two decades. The Purchase-based brand has unveiled “That's What I Like” as the tagline in English- and Spanish-language advertisements and promotions for the Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar and Diet Pepsi lines.

What is a powerful slogan? ›

Effective slogans are naturally catchy from the moment people hear or see them for the first time. For example, one of the best and most relevant slogans is Nike's "Just Do It." It rolls off the tongue naturally. It is short, but it is impactful. Remember, less is more.

What company is not ethical? ›

The most unethical clothing companies are mainly popular multinational and e-commerce brands like Victoria's Secret, GAP, Fashion Nova, Uniqlo, Forever 21, Nike, Adidas, Disney, H&M that have been exposed to multiple unethical practices – including labor exploitation and/ or forced labor. What is this?

Is Godrej good company to work? ›

Godrej Group is rated 3.9 out of 5, based on 5k reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Godrej Group is known for Job Security which is rated at the top and given a rating of 4.1. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.2 and can be improved.

What is the highest Indian cast? ›

The highest caste within the General Category is Brahmin, historically the priests and other religious leaders who also served as educators. Just 4% of Indians today identify as Brahmin.

What is the another name of Godrej? ›

1999: Transelektra renamed Godrej Sara Lee Limited and incorporated Godrej Infotech Ltd.

How big is Godrej? ›

2022 India's Richest Net Worth

The Godrej family controls the $5.2 billion (revenue) Godrej Group, a 125-year-old consumer-goods giant. The group was established by lawyer Ardeshir Godrej, who gave up his profession to make locks in 1897.

What is the prediction of Godrej consumer products? ›

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd quote is equal to 915.550 INR at 2023-03-07. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "Godrej Consumer Products Ltd" stock price prognosis for 2028-02-25 is 1353.679 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +47.85%.

What is the price target of Godrej? ›

View 22 reports from 9 analysts offering long term price targets for Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. has an average target of 1000.75. The consensus estimate represents an upside of 9.28% from the last price of 915.75. Reco - This broker has downgraded this stock from it's previous report.

Is Godrej Property overvalued? ›

Price-To-Earnings vs Peers: GODREJPROP is good value based on its Price-To-Earnings Ratio (77.3x) compared to the peer average (81x).

What are people buying the most of right now? ›

The 20 most popular things people are buying right now
  1. Apple AirPods Pro. ...
  2. Gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS5. ...
  3. Slippers. ...
  4. Squishmallows. ...
  5. A MasterClass subscription. ...
  6. Air purifiers. ...
  7. Advent calendars. ...
  8. Winc wine subscription.
May 15, 2020

How much commission does Amazon take? ›

Amazon charges a referral fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the product category. Most referral fees are between 8% and 15%.

What does Amazon make the most profit on? ›

How does Amazon make most of its money? Retail is Amazon's primary source of revenue, with online and physical stores together accounting for the biggest share. In the third quarter of FY 2022, Amazon reported $106.5 billion in retail sales.

What is the most sold item in Walmart? ›

Bananas are regularly Walmart's best-selling item.

Overall, the company sells over 1.5 billion pounds of bananas each year, making it one of the largest banana vendors in the world. Others among the company's top ten best selling include: Toilet Paper (330 million rolls each week) Slow Cookers.

What is the most purchased item in America? ›

Consumer Staples
  • Food at home: $4,464.
  • Food away from home: $3,459.
  • Apparel and services: $1,866.
  • Vehicle purchases: $3,975.
  • Gasoline, other fuels: $2,109.
  • Personal care products and services: $768.
  • Entertainment: $3,226.

What product can I sell to make money? ›

Things to Sell to Make Money That You Have Lying Around the House
  • Clothes. Resale clothing is a billion-dollar industry. ...
  • Toys. One of the easiest things to sell to make money is used toys. ...
  • Shoes. ...
  • Furniture. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Baby Items. ...
  • Unused Gift Cards. ...
  • Old DVDs and CDs.
Feb 26, 2023

What Indian products are in demand in USA? ›

Let us now take a quick look at the most popular goods and products that India exports to the US.
  • Precious metals and diamonds.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Mineral fuels.
  • Textile articles.
  • Machinery.

What do females buy the most online in India? ›

According to a recent survey looking at women's online shopping habits, products in the clothing and shoes and entertainment categories top the list of items they purchase online. One in three (33%) female shoppers worldwide say they buy these products over the internet.

What is the most sold thing on Amazon India? ›

Most Selling Products on Amazon
  • Fashion apparel.
  • Electronics like mobile and laptop.
  • Home entertainment like television.
  • Cookware and cutlery.
  • Home office furniture.
  • Fitness equipment.
Nov 24, 2022

Which Indian company has no debt? ›

debt free companies
S.No.NameQtr Sales Var %
1.Ksolves India69.42
2.Tanfac Inds.9.39
3.Bhansali Engg.-0.75
4.Swaraj Engines17.44
23 more rows

Is it good to invest in debt-free company? ›

No debt translates to no interest burden, thereby insulating debt-free companies from the vagaries of the interest rate regime. Additionally, since a company has been running its operations without debt, the company likely has strong fundamentals and a stable financial position.

How does Godrej make money? ›

Godrej - Revenue Model

The company's half of its revenue is in the FMCG business, which comes from its international businesses in three emerging markets - Asia, Africa, and Latin America, across three categories - home care, personal wash, and hair care.

What is the future of Godrej Industries? ›

Godrej Industries Ltd. quote is equal to 420.400 INR at 2023-03-03. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "GODREJIND" stock price prognosis for 2028-02-25 is 526.607 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +25.26%.

Is Godrej in profit? ›

Godrej Consumers on Tuesday reported 3.5 per cent rise in consolidated profit to ₹546.3 crore in the December 2022 quarter.

What happens when a company is debt free? ›

However, this doesn't mean that these companies have never ever borrowed. It is just that they have no current debt as they have repaid their loans in full (if taken). Debt-free companies are self-reliant and have more control over their finances and business decisions.

Is Godrej a Fortune 500? ›

Cipla is ranked 46th in the list of 50 followed by Godrej on the 48th spot, the only Indian companies in the list.

Is Godrej an American company? ›

Established in 1897, the Godrej Group has its roots in India's Independence and Swadeshi movement. Our founder, Ardeshir Godrej, lawyer-turned-serial entrepreneur failed with a few ventures, before he struck gold with a locks business.

What are the benefits of Godrej company? ›

Godrej Industries Employee Benefits
BenefitsEmployees Reported
Health Insurance80 Employees
Soft Skill Training59 Employees
Free Transport54 Employees
Team Outings33 Employees
8 more rows

What is the slogan of the brand? ›

A slogan is an attention-grabbing statement used to advertise or promote a brand's products and services. These phrases share the company's reason for existing and overall mission to the public. Companies use slogans to tell their consumers what they want them to associate their brand with.

What is Unilever slogan? ›

Personal Care. View Personal Care. Caring for People and Planet.

What is a motto slogan? ›

A motto is a slogan or favorite saying, like "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." A motto is something you might see on a t-shirt or bumper sticker — a short sentence or phrase that has meaning for that person. Some mottoes have to do with politics, religion, or another belief.

What is the slogan of Nivea? ›

Home - NIVEA

Be proud of your skin and its beauty.

What slogan does Nike use? ›

Wieden coined the tagline, "Just Do It" for the then smaller sportswear brand based out of Oregon. The phrase immediately took off, and signaled an upward trajectory for Wieden and Kennedy, as well as Nike.

What is Nike's new slogan? ›

All Win. Nike believes in the power of sport to unite and inspire people to take action in their communities.

Does adidas have a slogan? ›

Among their branding successes is the creation of the Adidas tagline 'Impossible Is Nothing.”

Why is Unilever so successful? ›

One of the main reasons Unilever has been so successful in standing out is its expansion in over 190 countries through products they specialize in and dominate in. Moreover, it hands significant decision-making power to local managers to strengthen their position in diverse markets.

Why did Unilever change its name? ›

The company believes that the new name provides the optimum balance between maintaining the heritage of the company and the synergies of global alignment with the corporate name of Unilever.

What is a creative slogan? ›

3. Creative slogans: Creative slogans are crafted to help your brand stand out against the competition. A creative slogan should be unique and specific to your brand, but still easy enough to understand so that your audience gets the message immediately.

What is Pantene's slogan? ›

A staggering array of hair care and hairstyling product offerings and a stronger focus on hair health make the Pantene Pro-V tagline, “Hair so healthy it shines,” recognizable all over the world.

What is the tagline of Colgate? ›

At Colgate, we believe that “Everyone deserves a future to smile about”.

Does Neutrogena have a slogan? ›

It may be that I've been at this tagline thing too long. My reaction to a new tagline from Neutrogena has been so extreme, I'm a little concerned. The tagline is: For People with Skin. I LOVE THIS TAGLINE.


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