How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (2023)

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (1)

Do you find it strange to construct solar panels out of CDs? Well, many of us probably wonder if it is really possible to make one. Interestingly, creating a solar panel built with a CD can be a fun-filled experiment or activity. But the question is how to make a solar panel with CD?

By reading this whole post, you will uncover the step-by-step guide of creating solar panels using CDs. Aside from delighting in a DIY project, hopefully, you will unveil more about the wonders of solar power and how beneficial it is in our daily lives. So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • Materials Required for Building a Solar Panel Using CDs
  • The Step-by-Step Process on How to Make a Solar Panel with CD
    • Step 1: Glue the Copper Wire.
    • Step 2: Affix the Zener Diodes to the Gaps of the Copper Wire.
    • Step 3: Attach the Insulated Electrical Wire.
    • Step 4: Attach the insulated wires to a multimeter to test if it’s working.
  • What are the Possible Uses of a Solar Panel Made Using CDs
    • Science Project for Students
    • Learning
    • Low-cost Energy Source
    • Toy
    • Experiments
  • What Can You Run with a DIY Solar Panel Built Using CD
  • Key Takeaway

Materials Required for Building a Solar Panel Using CDs

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (2)

  • A CD plate
  • Multimeter
  • Wire cutters
  • Copper wire
  • Superglue
  • Insulated electrical wire
  • Zener diodes
  • Small low-voltage device
  • Soldering iron

If you don’t know how to test solar panels with a multimeter, just check my guide here!

If you don’t have any spare CDs at home, you might want to ask your friends or neighbors. Or, you can find them in online stores or go to used record stores to purchase some bargain CDs.

The Step-by-Step Process on How to Make a Solar Panel with CD

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (3)

Step 1: Glue the Copper Wire.

Attach the copper wire to the glossy rear side of the disk. You can do this in many different methods; however, the most common approach is twisting the copper wire into isolated curved sections.

Begin by gluing the end portion of the copper wire near the middle hole of your CD. Then, spread the copper wire up to the edge of the CD, create a hairpin bend, and return it to the middle hole.

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (4)

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Redo the same step as you go in a loop around the compact disc; attach the wire as necessary. After every three or four bends, trim the wire near the middle hole and begin another section. The wire must look like petals surrounding a flower in the end.

You can try other kinds of wire placement when making a solar panel using CDs. This way, you can see what suits you best. As mentioned earlier, there are many alternative designs available.

Step 2: Affix the Zener Diodes to the Gaps of the Copper Wire.

Once the copper wire has been fastened and completely dried, the next step would be to glue the Zener diodes. These are utilized to help in regulating the voltage.

Zener diodes must be positioned in the breaches between the cut sections of the copper wire. Solder the edges of the copper wire to the edges of the Zener diodes. Do this using a soldering iron.

It is necessary to ensure that one of the breaches is open because you will need to link the insulated wires here later.

Step 3: Attach the Insulated Electrical Wire.

After you have soldered the Zener diodes, you’ll need to link the insulated electrical wire to your compact disc solar panel. Use a small blade or knife to tidy the very edges of the wires to create a more secure connection.

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (5)

In this step, you’ll need to utilize the soldering iron again to weld a couple of the copper wire edges to the insulated electrical wire edges. After this, your simple DIY project on how to make a solar cell from CD is done. The next important step is to examine if it is working.

Step 4: Attach the insulated wires to a multimeter to test if it’s working.

On a cloudless day, go outside to test if the DIY compact disc solar panel is functioning. Attach your solar panel to the multimeter utilizing the electrical wires and position the CD in direct sun exposure.

If your CD solar panel is working accordingly, the meter’s reading will rise with direct sun exposure. Alternatively, place the solar panel in a shady spot, or cover it with an object or your hand to check how the reading response.

How to Make a Solar Panel with CD? - DIY in 3 Easy Steps (6)

If your newly-built solar panel appears to be producing power, consider wiring it to a small low-volt device to examine if you have constructed a source of solar power.

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What are the Possible Uses of a Solar Panel Made Using CDs

Science Project for Students

Constructing a DIY solar panel can be a simple means of demonstrating electricity production to students. It becomes easier for teachers to teach their students how solar energy works.

Please note that teachers need to supervise their students because even though this is a DIY project, it requires using a soldering iron. Nonetheless, all the other required items for this project are safe to use, easy to find (some are already available at home), and affordable.


Discovering the simple methods of constructing a solar panel out of CDs is unquestionably an exciting form of educational experience. Students are encouraged to learn more since they are keen on hands-on learning. This DIY project and experiment allow students to witness the outcomes of their work.

In the same way, creating a solar panel is an ideal learning experience for old and young people. Adults and young kids can all benefit from this experiment. It can also serve as a passageway to seeking more solar projects and broadening their knowledge of renewable energy.

Low-cost Energy Source

Instead of allowing old CDs to collect dust and rot in our cabinets, we can use them for practical projects or experiments. Captivating solar power through copper wires and CDs is a low-cost means of producing natural energy.

The delightful news is that the moment your solar panel is built, all of the energy produced would come from sunlight. But, be reminded that this won’t supply sufficient power to run your devices.


You heard that right! Your homemade solar panel can serve as a toy. It is up to you to decide where you’ll use your solar panel.

While there’s no doubt that it can only supply limited power, many people decide to power mini lights or small handheld fans.

What matters the most is that you are confident with the process of making your DIY solar panel. This way, you can be more creative and quickly uncover more fun uses for your solar panel.


While it’s true that you can’t use solar panels made using CDs for powering all the electronic appliances at home, they can provide us with some exploratory opportunities.

Now that you have unveiled the perks of making your own solar panel using CDs, don’t you think it’s high time to give it a try? You can consider adjusting some tiny details as required to make your DIY solar panel successful.

Undoubtedly, solar energy is an excellent and environmentally-friendly method of harnessing free renewable energy. And, the step-by-step guide above demonstrates just how smooth sailing it can be.

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What Can You Run with a DIY Solar Panel Built Using CD

Now, the question is; can you run the electronic appliances at your home using a CD solar panel? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You may add more CDs; however, it won’t make sufficient wattage to run your appliances. As mentioned earlier, the only things you can run with a CD solar panel include mini fixtures and toys.

To get more ideas on how to get started with your DIY solar panel, you might want to take a look at this video:

Key Takeaway

Did you find our post on how to make a solar panel with CD valuable? In this digital era, CDs seem to be not-so-popular items anymore. Nowadays, it’s easier and more convenient to connect to computers and other small gadgets for music updates.

But, this does not mean that we should just throw our old CDs away. We can recycle or repurpose them into more valuable items. Their reflective or glossy surfaces are ideal for constructing a DIY solar heating panel. So, generating free solar power is possible.

Please feel free to share this post if you find it helpful for your DIY project.

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Can we make solar panel from CDs? ›

You can utilize the shiny sides of old plastic disks to create an electricity-generating solar panel or solar heating thermal panel. You can repurpose your old CDs from the pile of useless CDs, DVDs & Blue-ray discs lying around the house or in your backyard!

Can I make a DIY solar panel? ›

To get straight to the point, yes, you can build your own solar panels, or at least partially, depending on the craftsmanship of each person.

How are solar panels made simple? ›

The large black solar panels you see on homes and businesses are made of a bunch of solar cells (or photovoltaic cells) made of silicon semiconductors that absorb sunlight and create an electric current. These individual cells are connected together to make one solar panel.

How do I build a cheap solar system? ›

Step-by-step guide to set up solar power unit
  1. Step 1: Gather solar power components. ...
  2. Step 2: Calculate your power load. ...
  3. Step 3: Select and charge the battery. ...
  4. Step 4: Set up the inverter. ...
  5. Step 5: Fix the solar panels on your roof. ...
  6. Step 6: Connect the solar panels with battery. ...
  7. Step 7: Setup stands for inverter and battery.

What can I use to make solar panel? ›

Most solar panels are made of silicon, which is the main component in natural beach sand. Silicon is abundantly available, making it the second most available element on Earth. However, converting sand into high grade silicon comes at a high cost and is an energy intensive process.

How much is a DIY solar kit? ›

DIY solar options
ProductSystem size (watts)System cost
Grape Solar 400 watt PV solar panel kit400$880
Grape Solar 600 watt PV solar panel kit600$866
Renogy solar premium kit800$1,360
ECO-WORTHY off-grid solar panel kit800$1,090
Jan 24, 2023

What are the best DIY solar panels? ›

The Five Best Solar Panel Kits
  • The Best Overall Kit: EcoFlow Delta 1800 Complete Solar Panel Kit.
  • The Runner Up: Bluetti AC200 MAX Nomad Solar Panel Kit.
  • Our Top Budget-Friendly Pick: Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit 400 Watts Solar + 2,000W Pure Sine Inverter 12VDC | [DIY-3]
  • The Best Complete Kit: EcoFlow Delta PRO HEX Kit.

What are the 3 basic types of solar panels? ›

In this blog we will explore the main three types of solar panel cells: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin-film. Understanding the difference between the three, is the very first step to selecting your perfect panel for your home, business or community.

How is solar energy made for kids? ›

When the Sun shines on a solar cell, the cell turns the light energy into electricity. A single solar cell makes only a little electricity. However, groups of solar cells can provide electricity for whole buildings. Solar cells are also used in products such as calculators and watches.

What is solar energy for kids? ›

Solar power is power generated directly from sunlight. Solar power can be used for heat energyor converted into electric energy. When we use solar power, we don't use any of the Earth's resources like coal or oil. This makes solar power a renewable energy source.

How to make fake solar panels? ›

Purchase a pre-cut rectangle of plexiglass. Place the rectangle on a work surface. Shake the can of black matt spray for five seconds. Spray the rectangle with the paint spray to alter the reflective qualities of the plexiglass so it will appear more like that of a solar panel.

How to make solar panel glass? ›

Solar Glass
  1. Annealed Glass: The components are heated in a furnace at temperatures above 1560°C and cooled down slowly after the forming process, resulting in annealed glass..
  2. Tempering: Glass is heat-treated by heating annealed glass to ~620°C and then rapidly cooling by airflow.

How do I build a small grid solar system? ›

6 Steps to Designing an Off-Grid Solar Power System
  1. Precursor: Trim Your Power Use. ...
  2. Figure Out How Much Power You Need. ...
  3. Calculate the Amount of Battery Storage You Need. ...
  4. Calculate the Number of Solar Panels Needed for your Location and Time of Year. ...
  5. Select a Solar Charge Controller. ...
  6. Select an Inverter. ...
  7. Balance of System.
Sep 2, 2016

How to make a solar cell for a school project? ›

A Solar Cell In a Bottle

Cut the bottle around the middle and remove the top so you have an open container. Bend the copper plate you heated into a semicircle and fit it inside the bottle so it rests against the side. The side that was facing up on the burner should be facing the outside of the bottle.

How many amps will a 100 watt solar panel produce in a day? ›

A 100 watt panel produces an average of about 6 amps per peak sun hour, or about 30 amp-hours per day.

Is it cheaper to build your own solar panels? ›

Ultimately, Is It Cheaper To Build or Buy Solar Panels? A DIY solution should cost you less upfront than having a system installed. However, if you build the panels yourself, it may cost you more in the long run. The materials may not be very efficient and may not last as long.

What household items can you use to make solar panels? ›

You will require the following things on how to make solar panel at home:
  • Copper sheet.
  • Propane torch.
  • Tongs.
  • Copper wire.
  • Wire strippers.
  • Alligator strips.
  • Salt.
  • Water.

How many solar panels do I need for a 100 amp hour battery? ›

You need a 3-6 watt solar panel to maintain a 100Ah lead acid battery.

How many appliances can a 100 watt solar panel run? ›

A single 100-Watt Solar Panel can power up several small devices which include cell phones, lamps, fans on ceilings, router of wifi, laptops and other small devices. Bigger appliances such as heaters, TVs, air conditioning systems, and others similar to these require more than one 100-Watt Solar Panel.

What voltage should a solar panel put out? ›

The rated terminal voltage of a 12 Volt solar panel is usually around 17.0 Volts, but through the use of a regulator, this voltage is reduced to around 13 to 15 Volts as required for battery charging. Solar panel output is affected by the cell operating temperature.

How long can a 100 watt solar panel run? ›

Which Appliances Can a 100 Watt Solar Panel Run? Well, a single 100-watt solar panel can run many home appliances if charged for at least six to eight hours per day. A single 100-watt solar panel has a power output of 100 watts. That means it can produce 100 watts of DC electricity per hour.

How to get solar panels for free? ›

There is no such thing as free solar panels, and there is no such thing as a no-cost solar program. If you're hearing about “free” or “no-cost solar programs,” you're likely being fed a cheap sales pitch to tempt you into signing a solar lease, or a power purchase agreement.

What do you need for a simple solar system? ›

In order to go solar, you need solar panels, inverters, racking equipment, and performance monitoring equipment. You also might want an energy storage system (aka solar battery), especially if you live in an area that doesn't have net metering.

How many batteries do I need to run my house on solar? ›

If you want to save the most money possible, you'll need enough battery storage to cover your energy usage when your solar panels aren't producing – somewhere around 2-3 batteries. If you want to keep the power on when the grid is down, you'll usually just need one solar battery.

How many watts is a car battery? ›

Most car batteries nowadays are 12-volt 105 AH batteries, which can deliver 12 x 105, or 1260 Watt-hours (1.26 kWh).

How many volts is a car battery? ›

HOW MANY VOLTS IN A CAR BATTERY? When discussing car battery voltage, we're generally talking about a 12-volt battery. When we take a closer look, we see car battery voltage can range anywhere from 12.6 to 14.4. With the engine off, the fully charged car battery voltage will measure 12.6 volts.


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