Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (2023)

Aircon Error Code

February 11, 2021bynicholas chin0Comments23230 Views

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Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (1)

February 11, 2021bynicholas chininAircon Error Code

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code and Troubleshooting Guide

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Error Code can be confusing. If you are on this page, chances are your Mitsubishi Airconis not cold even after aircon servicing. If your Mitsubishi Starmex lights blinking, we will be able to identify the error code from there. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the topic of Mitsubishi Starmex lights blinking and error codes. Following which, we will guide you on Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting steps and procedures, giving you an estimation on how much it costs to fix it.

Table of Content

1 – Model number of the Aircon with Mitsubishi Error Code

2 – How to troubleshoot Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code?

3 – What does each Mitsubishi Aircon error code mean?

5 – Conclusion on Mitsubishi Aircon Error Codes

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Model number of the Aircon with Mitsubishi Error Code

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (2)

Identify the model number of your Mitsubishi Aircon

Before we can dive into what error code your Mitsubishi Aircon is showing, we have to firstly identify what the model number of your Aircon is.

The model number of the Mitsubishi Aircon is usually located at the bottom of the Aircon unit as shown in the picture below. It is shown as MSXY-GE10VA-R1. Do note that the “R1” at the back of the model number is of paramount importance as the motherboard of R1 and R2 version could be different. However, there might be some parts that are similar between these 2 versions. Therefore it is best to give us a call at 96515152 if you’re in doubt for free consultation.

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (3)

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code: Inverter or Non-Inverter

This is a very important factor. If your Mitsubishi Aircon unit is non-inverter, there could be other issues that will not reflect as error codes. Hence, if you are able to let us know if this is inverter or non-inverter unit over the phone, we will be able to narrow down the issues more accurately for you! For Mitsubishi Aircon, you can easily identify is it is inverter or non-inverter just by looking at the fancoil. Look at the entire fancoil, if it indicates “INVERTER” unit below “MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC”, it is an inverter unit. Otherwise, it is a non-inverter unit.


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How to troubleshoot Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code?

1. Identify the issue with the aircon.

Is the Aircon cold? Are your Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon lights blinking? Blinking lights indicate Mitsubishi Aircon Error Codes. If the lights are blinking, proceed with the next step.

2. Identify if it is a multi split or single split unit.

If this is a multi split unit, find out how many indoor units that your Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon lights are blinking. For example, if this is system 3 but there is only one unit showing Mitsubishi Aircon error code, the problem is likely due to parts defect in that particular Mitsubishi indoor unit instead of the outdoor unit. On the other hand, if there are multiple units showing error codes, the outdoor unit is likely faulty instead. Typically the price for repair of the indoor unit is much cheaper than that of the outdoor unit.

3. Prepare and find out the model number of the indoor and outdoor unit which can be found here.

4. Open up the cover of the air conditioner

5. The troubleshooting code can be found on the right side of the air conditioner

As seen in the picture below, this error code is pertaining to Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Msy-GE10VA-R1

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (4)

6. Identify the number of times the light is blinking and tally it with the error code found on the inside of the unit.


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Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (8)

Aircon Error Code Problem?

What does each Mitsubishi Aircon error code mean?

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (9)

Referring to the picture as shown above, we will briefly describe what each error code means. Additionally, we will be providing you with the relevant Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting. Do note that there might be different light indicators for different model of Mitsubishi Aircon. As such, you are advised to check with us if your Mitsubishi Aircon is of a different unit.

Continuous Blinking

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (10)

First of all, do check if the flap is properly close off. If it is not, your Mitsubishi Starmex lights will be blinking continuous even if there is no issue. However, if your flap is properly connected, it could be that an issue with the wiring , or the indoor or outdoor PCB.

Blinking Twice (x2)

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (11)

This Mitsubishi Aircon error code would indicate that your indoor thermistor may be having an issue. If yours is a multi-split unit, do check if the other Aircon units are blinking too. There should only be one unit ofMitsubishi Starmex lights blinking twice. However, it could also be the case that both the indoor thermistor and indoor PCB have problems.

Blinking Thrice (x3)

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (12)

This should be due to a fault with indoor fan motor. However, you will also need an experienced technician to check if the indoor unit has been damaged by the fan motor. This is because the error code may only be indicating that the fan motor is damaged. It is possible that the indoor PCB is damaged as well.

Blinking 7 times

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (13)

This could be due to a fault in the outdoor PCB.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting & Cost Incurred?

Mitsubishi Aircon Spare PartsEstimated Price of Replacement
Outdoor PCB$140- $190 (refurbished parts)
Indoor PCBDepends on which pcb is it (control/power or inverter?)
Outdoor Thermistor$130-$220 (refurbished parts)
Indoor Thermistor$180- $400
Outdoor Fan Motor$160 – $240
Indoor Fan Motor$180-$260


In conclusion, you will have an accurate indicator of which part is malfunctioning by referring to the number of times your Mitsubishi Starmex lights is blinking. Following which, you will be able to identify the relevant Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting and possible costs incurred. However do note that the error code is not 100% accurate. Sometimes, there could be multiple parts that are malfunctioning. You may require a trained Aircon technician to further check on it for an accurate assessment. Sometimes, the technician may not even be able to accurately deduce all the malfunctioning components on the first try. Regardless, if you have any questions on Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code, do give us a call for a free consultation over the phone regarding aircon servicing or aircon repair.

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Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code | Light blinking? (17)

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