Q5 What is potential energy State its unit... (2023)

Q5 What is potential energy State its unit... (1)

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Q5) What is potential energy? State its unit.


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The energy of a body at rest is called the potential energy.Potential energy of a body is the energy possessed by it due to its state of restIt is written as P.E.The S.I unit of potential energy is Joules.

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"Hello, welcome to neeta convert project going to see what the potential I had the means and her goal post be understated unit. Let's do it. So what's the potential energy means first? So I'm going to write down the equation here. So it's going to be potential energy. It means water. So energy is energy of a body with the refreshed. Okay energy energy. Okay 40. When it is at rest, it could be potential energy. So what are units of it? Okay units. Minutes of it's going to be Charles. Okay, the energy has a sensitive child. So it reads of the energy going to be towel. So I have you understood this video subscribe to the channel for regular updates. Thanks for watching this video. "

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