The Top 3 Manufacturers Of Triple Wide Mobile Homes – Cotswold-Homes (2023)

When it comes to finding a spacious and affordable home, triple wide mobile homes are a great option. These homes are typically around 2,000 square feet, making them much larger than the average single wide mobile home. Not only do they provide more space, but they also tend to have more amenities and features. If you’re thinking about purchasing a triple wide mobile home, it’s important to know which companies build them. Some of the most popular manufacturers include Clayton Homes, Fleetwood Homes, and Palm Harbor Homes. These companies have a reputation for building high-quality homes that are built to last. When you’re ready to start shopping for a triple wide mobile home, be sure to keep these manufacturers in mind. With their experience and expertise, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your needs.

A triple section home is built to have more than two thousand square feet of living space. This house has four bedrooms and three and one-half baths, as well as a large kitchen island, fireplace, entertainment centers, and spa. This home is the largest on the list, measuring 2,272 square feet. There are built-in cabinets around the refrigerator, a decorative hood range, and an island with a breakfast bar in this room. The Cascade and Brookline Flex 32 Wide are two of our top-rated triple section home models. The Cascade’s open floor plan includes two walk-in closets, a fireplace, and a private study. Whether you need a home with more space or a home with everything you’ve ever dreamed of, theClayton home model is right for you.

Who Is The Biggest Mobile Home Manufacturer?

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is the largest manufacturer of manufactured homes in the United States.

Mobile homes are built in the manufacturer’s facility, from start to finish. A single-family home with a building area of 2,000 square feet can cost half as much as a comparable site-built home. A modular home is a manufactured home-style structure with factory-built components but finished on-site, in accordance with local building codes. Since 1953, Champion Home Builders has manufactured mobile homes. As one of the largest manufacturers of manufactured homes in the industry, it has a significant presence in this space. A manufactured mobile home is manufactured and then assembled under controlled conditions. The company’s mobile home construction has been a gamechanger in terms of energy efficiency.

There are three or four bedroom floor plans available in manufactured homes manufactured byClayton. Our mobile homes are extremely large and can accommodate a wide range of families. In 2021, Skyline Homes received two MHI manufactured home awards. A tiny home can be built with any of the company’s products, which can be installed in 500 square feet or less. Adventure Homes was named the winner of the MHI Interior Design Award in 2021. The Nevada series includes ten floor plan options, while the Mojave series includes nine. The houses manufactured by TRU comply with HUD standards for mobile homes.

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When constructing a manufactured home, a modular home is a good option if you want to put it on a permanent foundation. Deer Valley’s four distinct models include its flagship Deer Valley series. Because of their elevations and floor plans, modular homes are an excellent choice for permanent homesites. In addition to standard 2 x 6 construction for exterior walls, each floor plan includes 2 x 8 floor joists with double perimeter rails. As mobile home manufacturers, they replace the role of general contractor and crew members in the design and construction of a standard site-built home. On the assembly line, a manufactured home is built to resemble an automobile. Buying a new mobile home from a manufacturer allows you to select the floor plan that is best suited to your needs.

What Is The Biggest Size Mobile Home?

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There is no definitive answer to this question as mobile homes come in a wide variety of sizes. However, the largest mobile home on record was a 12,000 square foot behemoth that was built in Florida in 2009. This massive mobile home had eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a host of other luxury amenities.

Today, manufactured homes have the same benefits as site-built homes at a fraction of the price. If you consider a mobile home to be very large, you almost have to believe it. What is the biggest mobile home ever built?

We are delighted to offer the Benbrook 16X72 1092 sqft Mobile Home from Factory Expo Home Centers. This home has a great layout that allows you and your family to easily reach all of the rooms you need. When you paint the exterior of your home, you create a beautiful appearance. Inside of the home, there is also plenty of room. This home has a very appealing layout as well as some of the best features.

How Many Square Feet Is A Triple Wide Mobile Home?

The Top 3 Manufacturers Of Triple Wide Mobile Homes – Cotswold-Homes (2)
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There is no definitive answer to this question as the size of a triple wide mobile home can vary greatly. However, on average, a triple wide mobile home is typically between 1,600 and 2,000 square feet in size.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to transport certain types of goods on the highways. You will need to consider the types of single, double, or triple wides you plan to use in order to build the most house possible. The following are some examples of single wides: The width of the pieces is now available in 8′, 10′, and 12′, as well as 14′, 16′, and 18′. The size of the house is the primary distinction between a single-wide and a double-wide house. Wides with two feet start at 20 feet and reach 36 feet. The most common sizes are 24, 28, and 32 feet wide. One of the most appealing features of newly built double wide homes is the option of having an open concept floor plan.

It is not permissible to exceed 13 feet, 6 inches in height for a manufactured home that can be moved. The roof’s height is not only that of the house; it is also from the ground to the top. Before HUD, manufactured home ceilings were typically 7 1/2 feet tall. A double-wide home could sell for less than a fully renovated single-wide home. It’s easy to assume that larger buildings are more expensive to build. The variety of styles and options in each classification has a significant impact on the price, in addition to the size.

If you’re looking for a home with a lot of room, these 14×80 homes are ideal. This home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it ideal for a family or group of friends. Each home also comes with a kitchen and living area. These homes have 1,013 square feet and are ideal for families with children who want a lot of space.

What Is Considered A Triple Wide?

The majority of manufactured homes range in size from 1,600 to 2,400 square feet, with two, three, or four bedrooms and two or three baths available.

Why A Modular Home May Be The Perfect Option For You

When looking for the best modular home, there are a few things to consider. When it comes to purchasing a home, size is obviously an important factor, but you should also consider your needs and wants. If you’re in a hurry and need a space to spread out, would a smaller home be better suited to you? Do you prefer to have a home that can be expanded or contracted as your needs change, or would you prefer to have a home that fits your needs completely?
There are a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from for modular homes, which are becoming more popular. If you want to live in a home that grows with you, a modular home is a great option.

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Triple Wide Manufactured Homes

A triple wide manufactured home is a type of manufactured home that is three times the width of a standard manufactured home. These homes are typically much larger than a standard manufactured home and offer more living space. Triple wide manufactured homes are often used as primary residences, but can also be used as vacation homes or secondary residences.

Manufactured housing is a cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing option. You can change the floor plan of your manufactured home, add square footage, and add exterior features. The construction of a double or triple wide manufactured home is made up of three separate sections. These structures are designed for families with young children or those who require some room to spread out. The number of rooms in a manufactured home is determined by whether it is double wide or triple wide. A triple-wide manufactured home can be built to the dimensions of 1,600 to 2,400 square feet. Jacobsen Homes employs industry-leading technology and provides the highest level of care and quality.

What Is The Difference Between Double Wide And Triple Wide?

A double or triple wide home is classified as a large manufactured home, but its size and number of sections distinguish it from other homes of similar size and design. In comparison to site-built homes, large manufactured homes have larger interior spaces and a wider range of floor plans.

What Is The Widest Single Mobile Home?

We carry a variety of single-family manufactured homes in a variety of price points and styles. Single-family homes typically have floor space ranging from 14’x56′ to 18’x80′, and a total square foot area of about 782 square feet. A building can range in size from 1,500 to 1,400 square feet. With over 11,000 square feet, this apartment will be able to accommodate your needs as well as the features you require.

Triple Wide Mobile Homes Pennsylvania

There are a variety of mobile homes available in Pennsylvania, including triple wide mobile homes. Triple wide mobile homes are wider than standard mobile homes, and often offer more space and amenities. Some triple wide mobile homes are even three stories tall. If you’re looking for more space and flexibility in your housing, a triple wide mobile home may be the right choice for you.

In Pennsylvania, the average sale price for a home is $202,000. The average price for a modular home in the state ranges from $50 to $90 per square foot. We have decades of industry experience and access to the largest directory of manufactured home builders, retailers, and lenders in the country. The house at 93 Fairmont Homes. In addition to floor plans in Nappanee, Indiana and Leola, Pennsylvania, Skyline Homes 99 Floor Plans and Commodore Homes 16254 in Shippenville, Pennsylvania offer floor plans in other states. Tammac is located at Swedesford Road in Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087, and Fork Creek Home is located at Hammersmith, Pennsylvania 0 Floor Plans.

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How Much Does A Mobile Home Cost In Pennsylvania?

What is the exact cost of a mobile home in a specific location? A mobile home’s price will be influenced by a number of factors, including its size and layout, the quality of its materials, and the local market’s conditions. A modular home, on the other hand, will cost between $50 and $90 per square foot in Pennsylvania. As a result, a single-wide mobile home will cost between $60,000 and $120,000, and a double-wide mobile home will cost between $80,000 and $160,000.

Mobile Home Manufacturers

There are many different mobile home manufacturers to choose from when you are looking for a new home. Some of the most popular manufacturers include Clayton Homes, Fleetwood Homes, and Skyline Homes. These companies all offer different floor plans and options to choose from, so you can find the perfect home for your needs.

Factory-built homes for sale in the United States are available from manufacturers such as Toll Brothers and Simplicity. You can view photos and get customized price quotes for floor plans, as well as take virtual tours of your home. Price quotes can be received from your nearest local manufactured home retailer. Take a look at some of the top manufactured home builders in the United States.

3 Reasons To Buy A Manufactured Home

Purchasing a manufactured home is advantageous in a variety of ways, including the fact that it is more affordable than a traditional home. They are also more durable than regular homes because they are not subjected to the same weather conditions. Finally, because they are easily transportable, they are ideal for people looking for a temporary home.

Common Single Wide Mobile Home Sizes

There are a few common single wide mobile home sizes, but the most popular is the 14 x 70. This size is large enough to comfortably house a family of four, but small enough to be easily transported and set up. Other popular sizes include the 16 x 80 and the 18 x 90.

A single-wide mobile home can be no longer than 18 feet (4.9 meters) wide and 90 feet (27 meters) long according to the definition. Single-wide mobile homes are typically built with a trailer that can easily transport them from one location to another. In 2007, the average price for a new manufactured home sold nationwide was between $37,100 and $73,600.

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Triple Section Homes Clayton

A triple section home from Clayton Homes is a home with three sections that can be used as separate living spaces or joined together as one large home. This type of home is perfect for families who need extra space or for those who want to downsize without sacrificing comfort. With a triple section home, you’ll have all the amenities of a traditional home, plus the added benefit of extra space and privacy.


What are the top 5 mobile home manufacturers? ›

The Best Mobile Home Manufacturers of 2023
  • Champion Home Builders: Best Overall.
  • Clayton Homes: Best for Energy Efficiency.
  • Fleetwood Homes: Best for Families.
  • Skyline: Best for Tiny Homes.
  • Adventure Homes: Best Custom.
  • TRU Homes: Best for First-Time Home Buyers.
  • Deer Valley: Best for Modular Homes.
Oct 6, 2022

Who is the largest manufacturer of mobile homes? ›

Clayton Homes is the largest builder of manufactured and modular homes in the US.

What are the top 5 modular homes? ›

Best Modular Home Manufacturers of 2023
  • Best Overall: Champion Homes.
  • Best Custom: Impresa Modular.
  • Best Budget: Commodore Homes.
  • Best High-End: Method Homes.
  • Best for Energy Efficiency: Deer Valley.
Nov 8, 2022

What is the most popular mobile home? ›

#1: The Loft Home

One of the best manufactured homes on the market, The Loft is a 1-section mobile home that features 1,140-square feet, making it spacious for couples and small families. This mobile home offers a semi-open floor plan where the large chef's kitchen becomes the main focal feature.

What is the most expensive mobile home? ›

And amid all this is a mobile home, the world's most expensive surf shack, reimagined by LA designer superstars Marmol Radziner in 2015, built into the hill of a cul-de-sac and without any immediate neighbours for a not entirely unreasonable $3.995 million dollars, although you still gotta pay almost two gees a month ...

What is the largest triple wide? ›

Triple Wide Mobile Home Sizes & Dimensions

At the top end of the size scale, the Casita enjoys 2,810 square feet of living space, 4 or more bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and totals 43 feet wide by 74 feet long.

What is the best foundation for a manufactured home? ›

The pier and beam system is the most popular foundation type for manufactured homes. With it, anchors are driven into the ground to hold the home down and protect it against wind. Then, steel straps connect the anchors to a main beam of the home's steel frame.

Who is the best manufacturer of modular homes? ›

Best modular homes 2021: buying guide and top 4 builders
  • Deltec Homes.
  • Connect Homes.
  • Stillwater Dwellings.
  • Method Homes.

What is the biggest difference between a manufactured home and a modular home? ›

The primary difference between modular and manufactured homes is that modular homes are held to the same local, state and regional building codes required for on-site homes. Manufactured homes are held to a federal code set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and have the ability to move.

What is the life expectancy of a manufactured home? ›

A report done by the Manufactured Housing Institute placed the average life expectancy of a manufactured home at 55.8 years ( With the proper upkeep and maintenance, manufactured homes have a long-life expectancy, with the potential to last forever.

What is the downside to buying a manufactured home? ›

Some of the downsides of manufactured homes are the following; Value May Depreciate. Reselling may be difficult. Financing can be complicated.

What is the difference between mobile and manufactured homes? ›

The Difference Between Mobile and Manufactured Homes

The only difference between the two types of homes is the date they were built. According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976 is a mobile home and one built after June 15, 1976 is a manufactured home.

Who is Clayton Homes biggest competitor? ›

Clayton Homes main competitors are Manhattan Construction Group, Lennar, and Granite Construction. Competitor Summary. See how Clayton Homes compares to its main competitors: Lennar has the most employees (9,111).

How much should I spend on a mobile home? ›

New units average around $51,000. Used units go for anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000. Double-wide: A double-wide home is meant to be “double” the size of a single-wide home, but they actually vary widely in size. Some can get as big as 36 feet wide by 90 feet long.

What is the largest size manufactured home you can buy? ›

A single-wide mobile home is most commonly between 900 and 1,440 square feet, but can be bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, a triple-section mobile home can be as large as 3,600 square feet.

Do mobile homes hold their value? ›

In 2021, the average age of a used manufactured/mobile home sold was 22.1 years with an average price of $51,133. That's a 71% increase! Even though factory-built homes are aging, homebuyers understand that manufactured homes are the best housing value in America. Demand is increasing, which keeps home values high.

What is the most expensive mobile home park in the United States? ›

An curved arrow pointing right. Paradise Cove, which is located in Malibu, California, is often referred to as one of America's most expensive trailer parks. The trailer park has been called home by celebrities including actors Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson, and Matthew McConaughey.

What is the size of a triple wide trailer? ›

Triple-wide manufactured housing consists of a double-wide for the two main sections and a similar sized single-wide for the third section, eight feet or greater in width and at least thirty-two feet in length. The third section is often called a tagalong.

How many square feet is a 16x80 mobile home? ›

16x80(76) / 1,140 Sq. Ft.

What is the difference between double and triple wide? ›

These terms refer to the number of sections that compose the home. A single wide has one section, double wide has two, and a triple wide manufactured home has three sections. These sections are delivered separately, and joined together at the home site.

How thick should a concrete slab be for a mobile home? ›

Slab foundations for manufactured homes consist of a 4 to 6 inch deep flat, concrete foundation, with another 4 to 6 inches of gravel or sand beneath it. Instead of the floor of the home, a slab foundation acts as support for the home.

What type of house foundation lasts the longest? ›

While it's not always the first choice, a pier foundation is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting solutions. It provides excellent support and doesn't come with some of the potential negatives that are associated with basements and crawl spaces.

How long do mobile homes last on permanent foundation? ›

How Long Does a Mobile Home Last? A HUD compliant mobile home that is regularly maintained and repaired as needed will last as long as a traditional home, anywhere between 30 and 50 years.

What state is best to invest in mobile homes? ›

Texas comes in first and there's a very close tie for second between California and Florida. But Texas is where the industry has its largest number of opportunities. The largest number of mobile home parks are in fact located in Texas. And what's also unique about Texas is it has perpetually strong economic growth.

What state has the cheapest mobile homes for sale? ›

While less expensive than houses, mobile homes are usually smaller. In most cases, they cost well under $100,000. The state with the cheapest mobile homes is Nebraska.

What are the best states to buy a manufactured home? ›

If you throw a dart at a U.S. map you likely will land near a great mobile home park. So, where to go among the top cities for mobile homes? The top 8 states for mobile homes are New Mexico, South Carolina, West Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

What modular home company does Warren Buffett Own? ›

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment conglomerate Buffett leads, bought Clayton in 2003 and spent billions building it into the mobile home industry's biggest manufacturer and lender.

What are the most energy efficient manufactured homes? ›

This is important because the NEEM + Plus option is the most energy efficient manufactured home available anywhere in the USA. Together with NEEM, KIT developed an energy efficient package that outperforms the EPA's Energy Star home by up to 30%. This added value saves monthly heating and cooling costs.

Are modular homes worth the money? ›

Are Modular Homes A Good Investment? Yes, modular homes are often a very good investment! Unlike mobile homes, which tend to depreciate with time, modular homes hold their value or even increase with time. In many cases, the resale value of modular homes will be higher than the initial purchase price.

What is cheaper prefab or modular? ›

Budget: While prefab home cost is a cheaper option in itself, the type of home can further affect the cost to build. Modular homes tend to be more expensive than manufactured homes so you should check which fits better in your budget.

What is the life expectancy of a modular home? ›

However, they are still designed to last around 25–30 years—certainly not an eternity, but definitely long enough to serve their intended purpose. Leasing or purchasing a used modular building will mean its lifespan is slightly shortened, having already been owned for a few years.

How much is the cheapest modular home? ›

Setting a Modular Home Budget

In 2022, the average cost to build a modular home ranged from $50 to $100 per square foot. This means you can expect to pay between $60,000 to $200,000 depending on the size of your home and the location of your land. The average cost for a finished modular home is around $180,000.

Do modular homes last longer? ›

They are resistant to damp, cold, and strong winds. The modules that make up prefab homes are designed to withstand travel requirements. Therefore, they tend to be more durable than traditional construction materials.

How do you tell if a home is modular or stick built? ›

MODULAR HOME - If the home is a modular built after 1971, it should have a tag called a "Factory Built Unit Certification" attached. This certifies that it has been built to the requirements of the Universal Building Code (UBC), which is the same requirement of stick-built homes.

What is the difference between a modular home and a double wide? ›

The main difference lies in the base of both these homes. Usually, double-wide homes are built on a trailer, whereas modular homes are built on a dedicated foundation. So, unlike double-wide homes, modular homes aren't fully built off-site. Some of their components are constructed on-site.

Are mobile homes a good investment in 2022? ›

You may not have thought to invest in mobile homes before, but it could be a profitable investment in 2022. While the savviest real estate gurus are jumping on single-family homes, you can get a step ahead with lower-cost, high-demand units.

What is the best month to buy a mobile home? ›

So, when is the best time to actually buy a mobile home? Midsummer, the week of Thanksgiving, and pretty much any time in December are the opportunities for people shopping for a mobile home to see the least amount of competition.

What are the disadvantages of buying a modular home? ›

One of the biggest problems with modular homes is buyers often have difficulty getting funding in time to pay contractors. This is something you need to take into account if you want to get a modular home. However, there are more routes than just banks when it comes to financing this type of home.

What is the downside of buying a mobile home? ›

A disadvantage of buying a mobile home is that its value will depreciate quickly. Like a new car, once a mobile home leaves the factory, it quickly drops in value. Stick-built homes, on the other hand, normally appreciate in value over time because the stick-built home owner almost always owns the underlying land.

Why are mobile homes not a good investment? ›

Mobile homes are a terrible investment because they drop in value super fast—the same way your car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. Investing in a mobile home isn't like investing in real estate. Why? Because the land the mobile home sits on is real estate, but the home is considered personal property.


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