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Cloud computing myNav platform enables organizations to find, assess, design, and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale. MyNav helps you navigate the cloud and choose the proper architecture and cloud solution to satisfy your specific business needs.

What does Accenture's myNav platform help clients do more easily?

Our capabilities help you drive more value, faster

Accelerate value by restructuring your architecture, applications, and data for the cloud; and implementing cloud-first strategies in your workforce and operating model.

Which Accenture tool will help the client meet its requirements?

Explanation: Accenture myNav is a new cloud assessment platform designed to assess, architect and simulate cloud solutions to determine which willbest fit your business requirements.

What is Accenture myNav?

myNav helps companies manage the human, technology and business dimensions of cloud change. Green Cloud Advisor is one of the many modules within the myNav platform designed to address the complexities of cloud for digital transformation. About Accenture.

Which tool helps the client self assess their cloud landscape to determine the best solution in Accenture?

Using proprietary tools such as the Accenture Cloud Computing Assessment Tool (ACCAT), to assess legacy applications for possible migration to a cloud environment, and the Migration Toolkit for PaaS, Accenture helps organizations reap the cost, scalability, speed and capacity benefits of the cloud across the entire ...

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Which tool can help advise this client on the right cloud solution?

Accenture released one such tool at the end of 2019 – MyNav – which helps their clients identify the right cloud solutions for their specific requirements. Accenture drew on its experience with 34,000 cloud projects to create MyNav.

How does cloud first strategy help clients?

A cloud first strategy allows businesses to save money on software, platforms, and infrastructure. Instead of building their own tech stack, they subscribe to a service provider who can provide premium services at a cheaper cost.

How is myNav useful?

“myNav uses this repository to simulate optimal and scalable cloud architectures and solutions. By providing a more informed view and a calibrated cloud strategy for business transformation, myNav helps clients compete more effectively in today's data-driven, cloud-enabled economy.”

What is the feature of Accenture myNav platform Brainly?

Answer: MyNav is unique in the market, an Accenture proprietary tool offering the ability to take the guesswork out of cloud by discovering, assessing, architecting and simulating an end-to-end solution at scale – lowering risk, cost and the time required to achieve your strategic business objectives.

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What is SynOps Accenture?

SynOps is an innovative human-machine operating 'engine' that orchestrates the optimal synergy of data, applied intelligence and digital technologies, to power exceptional industry and functional talent to transform business operations, enable Intelligent Operations, and create the best employee and customer ...

What is a client benefit of partnering with Accenture IPS?

Answer: It leverages a business's existing capabilities and utilizes externally hired resources. It lowers the rate of data breaches and cybercrimes with its advanced security features. It boosts a business's unused capabilities and takes advantage of its resources.

What is Accenture doing to demonstrate?

What is Accenture doing to demonstrate our commitment to the Cloud space? making a multibillion-dollar investment in our Cloud capabilities. shifting the responsibility for building Cloud solutions to our clients. splitting our Cloud practice into separate, independent groups.

How does Accenture help companies harness the power of data to achieve optimal business outcomes?

Accenture Analytics helps organizations realize measurable business value from their data by leveraging a dynamic alliance and vendor ecosystem of leading and emerging technology providers with a technology-agnostic approach to solutions development and delivery.

How is myNav beneficial to the team in Accenture?

Accenture has launched myNav, a cloud platform that helps organizations design and simulate different cloud solutions to identify the ones that best fit their specific business requirements. The myNav platform enables organisations to discover, assess, design and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale.

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What is the function of Accenture's IPS?

IPS is used by clients to strategically decide which enterprise platform to use. An IPS is deeply entrenched in a business and woven into the entire structure. Accenture's IPS owns the custom systems that clients use with specific situations in mind.

What distinguishes Accenture's cloud capabilities from our competitors?

What distinguishes Accenture's Cloud capabilities from our competitors? allowing clients to choose the memory, location, and speed of the Cloud services that they want to use. ... enabling clients to host Cloud services using their own on-premise infrastructure.

Which capability of myNav helps clients with reskilling their employees Brainly?

Explanation: Cloud computing myNav platform enables organizations to find, assess, design, and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale. MyNav helps you navigate the cloud and choose the proper architecture and cloud solution to satisfy your specific business needs.

What is a features of Accenture myNav platform?

Announced in November 2019, the Accenture myNav platform helps organizations navigate the cloud with confidence by selecting the optimal cloud architecture and solution, executing cloud migration, and managing and optimizing the cloud estate.

What is a feature of Accenture platform?

Accenture's myNav platform enables organizations to discover, assess, design, and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale. myNav helps you navigate the cloud and select the right architecture and cloud solution to meet your specific business needs.

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What is the difference between IaaS and SaaS?

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are simply three ways to describe how you can use the cloud for your business. IaaS: cloud-based services, pay-as-you-go for services such as storage, networking, and virtualization. ... SaaS: software that's available via a third-party over the internet.

Why do many Organisations use the hybrid and multi cloud approach?

It allows businesses to share control of their data with other businesses. It ensures the business is completely dependent on a single provider. It eliminates the dependency on any private Cloud providers. It combines the benefits of public and private Cloud providers​

What is the difference between edge and cloud computing?

Edge computing is used to process time-sensitive data, while cloud computing is used to process data that is not time-driven. Besides latency, edge computing is preferred over cloud computing in remote locations, where there is limited or no connectivity to a centralized location.

How does a Cloud for strategy help clients Brainly?

A] by putting a client's Cloud operations entirely under the control of an external team. B] by splitting the client's Cloud functions among different teams that operate independently. C] by moving applications, infrastructure, and data to the Cloud with speed and predictability.

How does a Cloud first strategy help clients Brainly?

Answer: The advantages of a cloud-first approach include: Cost-effective: Building own hardware for hosting applications can cost the company time, money, and resources. However, a cloud-first strategy can help reduce hosting costs, labour costs, equipment, and licensing expenditures.

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What benefit does the cloud start with?

Start-up companies can store, manage, process data and use programs through a web-based interface – something that greatly reduces costs. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere through various devices with web connectivity, which is an advantage for small companies that don't have a huge IT budget.


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